More than just sex positions – Why you must read Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra is a famous ancient Hindu text which is often considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior. It has been widely accepted across the world. Kama which means sexual desire is one of the four goals of Hindu life and Sutra means thread. Much has been talk about it globally and it is popularly referred as a guide to sexual pleasure. There are many books published that explains this 1800 year old human sexual behavior in their own way. The big question here is – Why should one read Kama Sutra?

More than just sex positions – Why you must read Kamasutra

1. Clear the facts – Those who have not read have their own visionary idea of what the theory says. To completely know about this thousand year old text, one has to read it. Very important fact is that Kama Sutra is not only about Sex. Just about ¼ th part of it talks about sexual intercourse. A part of the Kama Sutra is concerned with the behavior outside bedroom.Today when you hear the word, you visualize a graphic of a posture. However, you will be surprised to know that the original Kama Sutra did not have pictures. It was later when successive publications were written; authors coined the text along with graphics.

2. Because today Kama Sutra has a different meaning – Over the years, the name has been picked up for various reasons, leading to fading the actual meaning of Kama Sutra. To sell condom under the brand name of Kama Sutra, Movies, Book Selves and theatre plays. To know the actual meaning, the original Kama Sutra should be More than just sex positions - Why you must read Kama Sutra

3. To understand that it has NO SIN -The world of Kama Sutra is purely civilized, elegant and accomplished. It talks about both; Sexual acceptance and rejection. Certain segment of the world, still do not want to discuss about it. Those who have read it know it better.

4. It talks in detail about who you should have sex with – Very interestingly, the original text talks about 11 type of women you should not have sex with. You should not have sex with a woman who is a near relation. She could be your sister, cousin, aunt and mother. The second one is the leper. She is someone who has been rejected by others.The third is a bad smelling woman. Forth is a woman who leads her life of an ascetic. Fifth is woman who is a wife of a friend. Sixth is a lunatic. She may someone who may end up stalking you and writes fifty-thousand word letters.Seventh is a woman who reveals secrets. Eighth is a woman who is extremely white or extremely black. Ninth is a woman who is a female friend. Tenth is a woman turned out of caste. Last one is a woman who publicly expresses desire for sexual intercourse.girls-555653 More than just sex positions - Why you must read Kama SutraWe do not agree with few of the types explained, as today contemporary society does not believe in cast system and one does want to take a step up with a friend. Source

5. A portion of the work consists practical advice on sexual intercourse – A guide which advice you on practical scenarios, why wouldn’t you not read it. To learn detail explanation of practical advice on sexual intercourse, one should read it. It gives explanation on improving physical attraction and arousing weakened sexual power. It also includes instructions on maintaining overall health and using your senses for heightened pleasure.

6. To become a learned – It describes 64 types of sexual acts. Helps you understand about moaning, oral sex and spanking.The text also talks about foreplay and stimulation of desire like caressing, kissing, embracing etc. It enhances the bonding with your partner and takes romance to a new high.

woman-218764 More than just sex positions - Why you must read Kama Sutra

7. Talks in detail about courtesans – As we have mentioned before that Kama Sutra is not just about sex, there are six chapters completely dedicated to courtesans. It advices on the choice of lovers, seeking for a steady lover, various ways of making money, renewing friendship with a former lover, occasional profits and losses.

8. Kama Sutra tells you about Occult Practices – It also talks about Occult Practices. There are two chapters dedicated to improving physical attractions and arousing a weakened sexual power for both men and women. That why they call it – The Guide.

It is a guide to virtuous and gracious living. It gives a holistic view on a sexually satisfied life and is a lot more beyond sex positions. Reading it with your partner is a great way to add spice to your sex life.

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