My wife is pregnant, now What? These 10 Tips cant be ignored!!!

Congrats!!! Being half-pregnant, as say in some cultures, husbands are called. In a recent study of anonymous data collected from Google searches from around 20 countries around the world, the most frequently documented liners were:

my wife is pregnant now what


my wife is pregnant what do I do

Well, I’m now going to work you through those intricate basics and adjuncts that’ll make her want to give you the Husband of the Year award. So here are the 10 things a husband should do while his wifey is being a baby factory:

10 Tips for Husbands while your wife is Pregnant:

1. Not other woman – I mean, come on. Here she is, having the fruit of both your loins and off you go gallivanting, being unfaithful? Why get her pregnant in the first place if you were only in for the easy parts? There’s no need for a child to grow in an environment where he feels unloved or hostility between either of his parents.

2. Be supportive – Chances are, when the words ‘I’m pregnant’ escaped her lips, you reacted in a way that assured her that you’d be a complete and willing participant in raising the bundle of joy you both brought together into this world. Here’s the thing: things have only just begun. Wait until the 2nd Trimester on for when the morning sickness begins, when she starts to undergo immense physical (not to mention her being quite vulnerable psychologically) changes, and for the strange cravings to set in. Best believe that while she’s being bombarded by hormones galore and providing your child with all the things she’s got as a momma, you’ve got the rather delicate job of being there for her and constantly assuring her that everything’s going to be fine.10KeyThings-man-cleaning-toilet My wife is pregnant, now What? These 10 Tips cant be ignored!!!

3. Visit the doctor, frequently, together – Sure you’ve got that important business meeting, but by going with her to the doctor to check up on your baby’s development regularly will show her that you’re determined about this new chapter of both your lives. You HAVE TO be present for that first ultrasound.

4. Read up – No shame in fessing that you’ve got no idea what to expect now that she’s expecting. Stock up on those Dr.Phil books. You’ve got to know what you’re in for…its hardball.10KeyThings-Husband-cleaning My wife is pregnant, now What? These 10 Tips cant be ignored!!!

5. Skinship – The importance of physical touch can never really be justified in its ability to let an individual know he/she’s loved, and cared for. Offer her those diving massage rubs – at the base of her spine, and her feet could help you earn brownie points. But here’s the thing. Respect her space and try not to read into it too much if she does not want you around her.

6. It’s all about the sex, about the sex, no snuggle – She’s got a growing fetus in her. Could you blame her? Research shows that most queries in the Indian database showed a slightly bizarre sentiment – “how do I breastfeed my husband” or “is it fine to breastfeed my husband when pregnant”. Husbands, I do understand the fascination, but really, get a clue before you pitch in the idea.

7. Get romantic – There’s no harm in turning up the notch on ideas of getting romantic, hon. You could write her notes and leave them all over the place. In the same study, it was found that most of the Hispanic population (safely assumed Mexican) that resides in the States often googled – “poemas para mi esposaembarazada” (poems for my pregnant wife)” and “frases de amor para mi esposaembarazada” (words of love to my pregnant wife). Take a leaf out of their book, hmm? Also, careful about getting her flowers as she could be pretty sensitive to them and anything could trigger a trip to the bathroom.

8. Take her to shopping – Allow her to indulge in her natural instincts of nesting. By taking her shopping for some maternity ware and baby clothes, you’re signified on your way to Baby Daddy of the year.

9. Be sensitive to the situation – With all those hormones pumping through her system, it’s up to you husbands out there to find your limits of patience nonexistent – give in to the situation. If she asks if she looks fat, the quick fire answer’s got to be – yeah, you guessed right – NO. A firm tone would do nicely. Also if you come home and find that nothing’ been done as she’s confined herself to the bed, don’t be so insensitive as to ask her if she did anything the whole day. Suck it up, give her a massage or a piping hot drink and get to dusting those windows.

10. Sign up for a Lamaze class together – Take her for a walk or sign up for a Lamaze class together. You’ll probably get to see a side of her you never knew existed. She’d probably love you for it!10KeyThings-Lamaze-Class My wife is pregnant, now What? These 10 Tips cant be ignored!!!

But all in all, just add to the intimacy of the two of you by allowing for a situation where you’d feel you could welcome the baby into a loving and beautiful environment. Now, go get them, tiger! Revel in this phase of your life as it comes.

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