Ninth month Pregnancy guide – What you must know

Last month of the third trimester…You may be dealing with mood variations; you may act crazily and happily at the same time; you may not be able to express your feelings properly; you may be thinking of your baby all the time. It is just you and your baby; every time you look at yourself in the mirror or while doing some other work or even while sitting idle, you imagine yourself with your baby. So many thoughts may cross your mind during this time. The restless anticipation of the unknown may surround you.

The Big Day is about to arrive and you are all pumped up about it. Your baby may arrive anytime. There are certain pregnancy tips for 9th month you might want to know first. Let’s start:

Ninth month Pregnancy guide

1. Your diet – You need to continue the diet you have planned for the last month. The same diet plan will follow now as well. Skimmed milk, buttermilk, curd, yogurt, cottage cheese are high in protein, calcium and vitamin B-12. Vegetables and fruit are providers of minerals, vitamins and fibers. Meat, poultry and fish contain concentrated proteins. Drink lots of fluids and make sure you drink filtered or boiled water. Eat saturated fats. Ninth month of pregnancy diet must include all the vital nutrients and vitamins that your body needs.

2. Diet should exclude – You need to be more concerned about the food to be taken during 9th month of pregnancy. Unpasteurized milk and cheese, and unsaturated fats should be avoided. Butter, ghee, coconut milk and oil are high saturated fats. Raw or uncooked fish, any other seafood, meat, poultry or eggs should also be eliminated from your diet. You should avoid eating raw sushi. Large predator fishes such as sharks may contain high levels of mercury and should be avoided. Canned or processed fish are sealed in saline. Avoid alcohol and caffeine for they are not suitable as per your health. If you need to take caffeine then try and make sure that you do not exceed the 200mg daily limit.

3. Hungry? You need to try and stay full. This is because there are chances that your baby is hungry and the only source he/she can get food from is you. So, try to feed yourself every four hours. Diet plan in ninth month of pregnancy should include at least five to six meals every day to meet the energy requirements for you and your baby. It is strongly suggested that you should not skip meals and whatever you eat, should be high in its nutritive value.

4. Prenatal multi-vitamin – The multi vitamins you take should be well-prescribed by your doctor and it should contain all the essential vitamins and minerals. The special pregnancy multi-vitamins that are available generally give you 100 percent recommended dose to your body. 5mg folic acid and 10mcg vitamin D should be there in your multi-vitamin. Folic acid reduces the risk of defects in your baby’s development. Do not dwell on these multi-vitamins only. If you feel that taking these pills are enough, dismiss this idea. These are just additives.

5. Dates – During the ninth month of pregnancy, we recommend you to eat dates. Women who eat dates are less likely to need medication to start labor or aids to succeed it. The hormone ‘oxytocin’ is mimicked by eating dates. The studies have shown that women had to labor seven hours lesser than the non-dates eaters.

6. Sleep – Increasing the sleeping hours will be helpful for women to give their bodies ample rest as after the delivery, they will tend to focus on the baby instead of themselves. The studies have shown that the women who take less than 6 hours sleep, had to labor 11 hours more than the women who take 7 hours of sleep or more.

7. Your phone or camera – Now is the time that you need to take a look at the storage in your phone or camera or if it is not functioning, get it repaired as you do not want to miss the first pictures of your baby. Ninth month pregnancy advice is to hold your phone/camera to get clicked with your baby.
The pictures and video are the only physical memories you can have to recall our great days. So, do not forget to empty your phone or camera storage to click numerous photos and making sweet videos of your baby.

8. Signs of labor – The certain ninth month of pregnancy symptoms you should be aware of to know that you are about to give birth to your baby.
During the final weeks of pregnancy, the baby may move down in your abdomen. This is called as dropping. Frequent urination is also a signal. Pain in your pelvis and lower back due to the dropping of your baby inside the uterus may be a sign of beginning of labor. You may suffer from diarrhea and stronger Braxton-Hicks contractions. You may also notice an increased vaginal discharge and bleeding. The bag of waters breaking inside you also means that the labor is near.

9. Group B streptococcus infection – During the last weeks of pregnancy, all the pregnant women are suggested to undergo screening for group B streptococcus infection. This is a trouble free, plain and painless test in which your vagina and rectum will be swabbed by the doctor. This test is undergone to check if there is a presence of bacteria in your vagina and rectum.

10. Feeling heaviness? The chances of overdue pregnancy are likely to happen after the passing of 40th week of pregnancy. However, in many cases, the due date of pregnancy is the result of miscalculation. If you feel heavy or sleepy or exhausted, try taking rest. You are suggested to keep a track of the kicks of your baby to help you check your baby’s health. Your healthcare provider may suggest a non-stress test or an ultrasound to ensure that the baby is doing well in your abdomen.

11. A positive mindset – At this point of pregnancy, when you might be having numerous questions in your mind about the birth and your baby, you need to relax. Nothing will beat a positive mentality. A positive state of mind will help to keep your calm. It is not the time to be nervous or anxious. You need to trust yourself. Keeping yourself positive is 9th month pregnancy advice.
You can talk to your doctor about confusions. A child-birth class may also be helpful in learning things about pregnancy and child birth.

12. Exercises – Doing exercises, mainly light exercises have many benefits during pregnancy. You should do light exercises. You must be familiar with the pelvic floor exercise and kegel exercise by this point of time of pregnancy as these exercises help you to build up your pelvic muscles so that the blood flow to the pelvis and rectum improves. Walking is considered to be ideal during pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga helps your body to be more flexible. Swimming, Pilates, aerobics and simple dancing are other forms of exercising. But you should also know the precautions to be taken during 9th month of pregnancy while exercising.

13. Rest – In the hassle, do not forget that your body needs rest. You keep worrying about the birth situations and labor. Your mind may be thinking all the day twenty-four-seven. But you also need to relax. When you do not have the energy to work more, just say ‘no’. This is the time when you should cut down the chores and routine work. You may also take help of the others instead of doing on your own. This will reduce the burden.

14. Preparation – If it is your first time, then you need to learn what happens at the time of labor. You may take classes. Your friends and relatives will be buzzing you to keep you updated about the labor. This way they will try to build your confidence level. You may talk to your doctor in order to overcome the fears of labor and normal delivery. Also, plan out who would be with you at the time of giving birth to your baby. These things will help you at the utmost uncertainty of childbirth.

15. Laughter – Some women tend to keep themselves surrounded by the fears of pregnancy complications and the pain frequency they may have to face while giving birth to the baby. In these thoughts, they forget to smile. Do not forget that laughter is as necessary as taking your medicines. The joy of pregnancy will be increased with more of laughing and smiling. Watch laughter shows, comedy movies or enjoy with family and friends. Laughter should be considered as a food taken during 9th month of pregnancy.

16. Make a list – The birth plan should also include the things that will be required for your baby. Make a list of such things that the baby will need, like clothes, medicines, supplements, toys and other things. You will need enough of finance also. The right and sufficient budget may be planned out now. Talk to your partner about all these issues. Make a cost-effective plan so that your budget is in control.

17. A dip or bath? The concern in your mind for your baby and delivery can make you feel uncomfortable or stressed. But your body needs to be relaxed at this point of time. A dip in the swimming pool may help you relax and you may feel weightless. This may lighten your mood. A warm bath or warm showers also provide your body great comfort. The water should not be too hot either.

Though giving birth to a heavenly body is not easy, but you need to remember that childbirth is all natural. Worrying too much will not give you any comforts. Do not listen to the mythical beliefs of anyone because you are the one who knows your body and baby better than any other person. Confide in yourself. Educate yourself about the labor. Follow the health tips for ninth month of pregnancy. Your baby can come out any soon. All the best. And prepare yourself for the Big Day.

Disclaimer: Make sure that this generic advice is good for you in all manners. All the suggestions, diet plans, and tests must be cross-checked with your doctor as they may vary based on your medical history or health conditions. Hence, it is advisable to consult a doctor before adhering to any of them.

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