10 ways an introvert or shy person can find a partner too

The words ‘introvert’ and ‘shy’ are used interchangeably. However, they have different meanings. An introvert is a person who restrains himself from interacting with strangers and is preoccupied with his own thoughts. In addition, introverts are defined as reserved persons and the ones who enjoy their own company rather than others’.
While a shy person is one who is nervous or anxious.

Despite of difference in their literal meanings, we usually use these words simultaneously.
The introversion and shyness are factors why a person is in lesser contacts with people. But it doesn’t mean that an introvert and shy person cannot find himself a partner. Here are some tips using which such people can also find their partners.

1. Breaking out of the comfort zone – Being an introvert is not a crime. All you need is to step out of your comfort zone. It can be complied with confiding yourself. Trust yourself and see how the world changes around you.

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2. Finding a match online – These days, many social media websites are in use that can be helpful in finding a partner. You can go online, talk for hours, days, months, and years to know person better and after knowing, you can meet in person.

3. Class or coaching – Another way to find a partner for an introvert can include joining the classes or coaching of your taste, interest and need. Once you enrol there, reach for a person who is friendly and alike you. Know the person better by involving in an interactive session regularly.

4. Engaging in a social circle – Whatever circle you have, like your schoolmates, tuition mates, alma mater, college friends and colony friends or any other acquaintances, be in touch with them on a regular basis, so that you have a wider range of friends and this will somehow help you to remain socialized and may eventually help you to find a partner.

5. Volunteering in different areas – Volunteering for social works, non government organisations, religious rally, political campaign, seminars and workshops, give you an opportunity to meet new people of different interests. This is how you can look for various people of different interests and match them with yours.

6. Know your true self – Know who you are and what you like. You should know which things amaze you and which things you want to stay away from. This will help you in finding out yourself and the others.

7. Show your true self – Knowing the self is barely enough, but showing the self is a must. If you find out someone who amazes you, do not hide anything, just express it. Express your comforts and discomforts too.

8. Breaking the ice – Sometimes you have a lot in your mind to say, but you happen to be dumb enough that you hesitate to utter a word out of your mouth. Do not remain silent, start a conversation and break the ice. May be ‘cramming a few ice breaking lines’ is a nice way to start. For example, “Who is your role model,” “Where would you like to travel if you have the privilege to visit any part of the world” and the list goes on. If the above question can be followed by “Why”, then voila, what else you want.

9. Compromising – All that you aim is not easy to get. You have to compromise a little in order to fit in someone else’s expectations. Stretch yourself a bit. Happiness comes when you give happiness to others.

10. Appreciating others’ efforts – Appreciate others and make them feel special. Do not feel shy to reveal what you feel about others. Many a times, people love someone, but they do not reveal it.10KeyThings-Shy-person 10 ways an introvert or shy person can find a partner too

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Do not demotivate yourself, if you do not find a partner. At least try. Trying is the only solution to find a partner. The most important thing is, believe in yourself, and have the “can-do” spirit. Yes, you can do it; Yes, you can start a conversation; Yes, you will definitely find someone one day.

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