How to make pregnant professionals less cranky

There is no doubt that women and men have many differences and thus have different needs. However, one great difference is that it is the women who have the privilege to bear the progeny in her womb and take care of it throughout the gestation period. Are the women prepared for this? Well, we have many reasons to suggest that the woman is quite prepared to face the gestation period. Well, it seems fine for the women at home but what about women at work?

Workplaces have over a period gone through major changes to make the life of female professionals easier but are they good enough for the pregnant professional? Let’s see what we lack.

1. Flowers – Offices are mundane and very businesslike. Flowers brighten up spaces and pregnant women need to keep themselves happy and pepped up. A bunch of flowers around her desk may keep her feel happy and fresh.

Tip: Instruct co-workers to be a part of her journey. One can volunteer everyday to give her flowers.pregnant_6 How to make pregnant professionals less cranky

2. Comfy Chairs – Pregnant women need to take care of their lower back and swollen bellies that certainly require comfortable chairs. Change of furniture to her comfort may add value.

Tip: Comfortable cushions and pillows along with a new chair will help her feel easy.pregnant_5 How to make pregnant professionals less cranky

3. Peace – Pregnant women are high on emotions almost all the time. They need some alone time and a little peace around them. Instructing the co-workers to keep a cool environment around her will help.

Tip: Flexible working hours for her will make her feel comfortable and stress free.

4. Sleep Pads – Most offices don’t have sleep pads for a short nap. Pregnant women like to take a short nap during the afternoon because they get worn out easily. Also, Sleep Pads are known to refresh the person for better productivity.

Tip: Ask her about her favorite color. The new furniture can be bought as per her choice.10KeyThings-sleep-pad How to make pregnant professionals less cranky

5. Escalators / Elevators – Some offices don’t have elevators & escalators. Climbing stairs can become a very tiring task for pregnant women. Unnecessary activity can lead to invitation to unfortunate happenings.

Tip: Shift her workstation to ground floor or always keep a help ready to accompany her to climb stairs.10KeyThings-escalator How to make pregnant professionals less cranky

6. Comfort Food – Most Offices serve regular food. Pregnant women should be allowed to maintain a stock of their favorite comfort food also. Craving for her favourite food can pop up anytime of the working hours. Moreover she needs to keep eating at regular intervals.

Tip: Keeping the snacks break flexible for her.pregnant_1 How to make pregnant professionals less cranky

7. Meetings on the same floor – It is the team members’ responsibility to take pro-active measures to arrange meetings on the same floor she works. Especially when it comes to cooperating a bit for the pregnant employee, a few changes to suit her comfort are always appreciated.  HR should encourage team members to arrange meetings considering comfort of the pregnant employee in the team.

Tip: Keep the meeting room close to her desk. If she is working from home, the meeting venue can be kept close to her house. If possible arrange conference calls or video conferencing.Meeting How to make pregnant professionals less cranky

8. Colleagues for help – Offering a helping hand while she is in office along with staying up for help even when she is not in office is a sign of great co-worker.

Tip: Get her water, tea, coffee, printing papers, office accessories and other necessary items at her desk. Make her save numbers of any 2 co-workers in her speed dial.collegue_help How to make pregnant professionals less cranky

9. Flexible working hours – Morning sickness, laziness and nausea are common among pregnant women. It should be also understood that she may need a job breaks every now and then. Do not force her to travel to office regularly. Making flexible working hours for her will definitely lead to stress free 9 months.

Tip: If she is someone who works in the night hours, a change in roaster will be a great help to How to make pregnant professionals less cranky

So this is for the HR Department of all the offices! Get these things for our dear ladies. Make her laugh, keep her happy and they will be utterly grateful to you.


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