Best 5 Products to keep your Kids Super Cool this Summer

    Summer in India is becoming unbearable these days. A few of the states are even suffering from heavy drought. It is indeed a tough task to beat the heat without a cooler or an AC. But this will alternately put you into probably a financial crisis as well due to unexpected or sudden rise in expenses, and also you are likely to face some serious health issues due to the recycled air. Kids will be most suffered ones due to the heat. They will be restricted to play outside even though they have their vacation, and also, they will also be suffering from heat strokes and other issues due to the summer.

    So, how can you protect your kids, making them feel super cool this summer? Check out the article to know the products that can help your kids beat the heat in the best way.

    Best 5 Products to keep your Kids Super Cool this Summer

    1. Prickly Heat Powder

    Sunburns, heat strokes, rashes and lots more will appear on your kid’s body due to too much of heat. Kids skin is too much delicate, and they are affected terribly due to this. Applying baby powder to the newborns and prickly heat powder for the rest will make them feel better. The powder will soothe the rashes and will make it dry faster. It ha been proven that Himalaya herbal prickly heat baby powder works the best on baby skin, helping to cure prickly heat quicker and more efficiently. Buy it online at effective prices. Check out First cry India to buy it.

    2. Cotton Clothes

    Kids are likely to show timidness when you ask them to roam around wearing clothes. And it will be even tougher for them if the material is synthetic. Make them wear the only cotton during the summer as it will make them feel fresh and the material will not harm their skin. Buy the best quality cotton only. You can try buying cotton outfits for your kids online. Check out Amazon baby clothes cotton from relevant brands that will keep your lil ones fresh and safe in summer.

    3. Sippers

    Kids are likely to get frequently dehydrated due to the hot climate and forget how terrible it will be if they move out to play. Buy them sippers and make them drink plenty of water so that they do not get dehydrated. Rather than serving them with carbonated and soft drinks, get them drink natural beverages including lemon water, lassi, Jal jeera, buttermilk, etc. which will help in cooling the body.

    Fill the drink in sippers and give them whenever they move out so that they do not get dehydrated. Buy sippers from quality brands online at low rates. Look for Shopclues offers to get your products cheaper.

    4. Hats and Caps

    You know summer is hot, and the heat will be unbearable. So make them wear a hat or a cap any time when they move out. It will protect them from the intense heat and the harmful UV rays, which can cause them, skin rashes and other allergies.

    5. Baby Pool

    Let them enjoy a cold water splash this summer. There are a lot of them available online from various top brands at different offers. Buy the best one according to your budget and make your kids enjoy their bath and let them play in the water. It will make them happy as well as it will help them to reduce the heat as well.

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