5 Reasons to be a PreSchool Educator

    5 Reasons to be a PreSchool Educator

    Getting a child enrolled in a playgroup after cocooned environment of around 2 years is a big step for both parent and child. In a tender stage and phase like this, a preschool educator plays a very important part. She plays a role of a second mother for child, and second God for the parents; as they hand over their piece of heart to a strange person and in a strange environment for the very first time. Here are 5 Reasons for choosing the most gratifying job as an Educator is someone who, don’t get just monetarily paid but gets to touch, carve and mould lives.

    1. More than just a job

    When you are a preschool educator you are not just a preschool educator. You’re a complete package of an artist, designer, sculptor and mother. Teaching a child is not a child’s play, it calls for a multi-talented, multi-faced personality who can emphasise, and gently rebukes, who gives your liberty and maintains restraint. So next time when someone asks your occupation? Take pride in saying, I’m a PreSchool Educator which, gives me an opportunity to create future.

    2. Soul-rewarding job

    Earning is a necessity for few whereas, passion for rest, for very few  both passion & work combine and even few blessed individuals work turns out to be a soul rewarding platform. The gleaming eyes of a child with confidence after learning something new, the smile of containment on the faces of parents to see the most significant part of their lives grow is definitely worth more than the month end pay cheque.

    3. A platform to be a Change Maker

    A pre-school is not just a place where a child for the very first time learns an alphabet, number and  rhymes,  but also the place he learns important values. From a morning prayer to the character sculpting virtues, from leaning importance of sharing and caring to becoming an independent individual a child learns everything for the first time in a pre-school. It’s a proven fact that the impressions of first 6 years last life-long. Only educators have this opportunity and platform to transform a child’s first big step into most substantial big step.

    4. An opportunity to be a role-model

    Most of the Preschool Educators lament their efforts are not being acknowledged and they are not being appreciated the way they deserve which isn’t true in hindsight. After parents, the only person a child admires and adores is the teacher. A preschool educator is someone addressing the most intelligent brains and silent observers. Kids learn spoken and unspoken words both, they are better at reading between lines than most adults.

    5. Scope to be an Eternal Learner

    For an Educator a classroom never spans in a number of hours per session. An Educator is a skilled learner who learns while teaching and teach while learning. Pre-school books are full of wisdom from western fables to Panchatantra one may find important life lessons in books of the little ones. Besides, every child’s brain function differently and to teach in these different ways one needs to keep learning new things constantly.

    Teaching is not a job, it’s an experience, a life-long learning, creating a life of learners.


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