Safety Diwali Tips for Parents and Kids

Safety Diwali Tips for Parents & Kids in India & abroad –

Every year many accidents happen on Diwali just because of some basic or silly mistakes. We are sure that nobody wants to see their family unsafe or hurt during the Festival of Lights – Diwali.

This video has tried to list most of those basic mistakes during Diwali with some simple solutions.

This video is just an attempt to Build Awareness and Save Lives during Diwali or whenever you are lighting Fireworks on any special occasion.
This Safety Diwali Tips video has the following Top 10 Tips for Safe and Healthy Diwali:

1) Tips to Buy Fireworks during Diwali
2) How and Where to Store Fireworks during Diwali and Where not to Store Fireworks during Diwali?
3) Tools to Carry before Lighting Fireworks during Diwali
4) Steps to Light a Firework / Crackers during Diwali, Fireworks Safety Tips during Diwali
5) Do’s & Don’ts while Lighting a Firework during Diwali
6) Dress or eyes Caught Fire – What to do during Diwali?
7) What to Wear & What not to wear during Diwali?
8) Precautions while eating during Diwali
9) What are the things to keep handy during Diwali?
10) Diwali Safety Tips for Kids, Diwali Safety Tips for Parents, Tips for Safe Diwali, Diwali Tips for Parents in India, Safety Diwali Tips for Kids in India, Diwali Tips for Newborns

And Ending with a Safe Diwali Slogans – 

Build Awareness, Save Lives

We hope that this attempt, can SPREAD these Safety Tips During Diwali to all your friends and families.

So, let us all try to follow these Top 10 Safety Diwali Tips for Kids and Parents in India on Diwali.

And Again on this Diwali, let us keep the “unwelcomed guest” called “Accident” or “Mishap” away from our family and friends.

Looking forward to your support to – “Build Awareness, Save Lives…”!!! this Diwali.
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