10 ways to get over a Scarred Friendship

I know some times can be lonely; where you feel all by yourself, completely in the dark, without aid, without any possible source of light and you just want to scream and shout and let it all out. Bad times, isn’t it?

I know how inhuman it feels to have lost a friend; it may seem like the end of the world, but it is not. Let’s muse over some ways via which we could feel more like ourselves and forget about our miseries a little.

1. Learn to let go – Every inch of the words written afore may seem folly to be true in any darn way, but believe me, what seems impossible in the beginning is the only possible thing in the end. You may not want to board this train because of the long, tiring journey; but once you get through, there’s no looking back and only healthy lifestyle and people await you at the end of the road. Sometimes, it is good to be a fool than to be a wise man with a rational approach; when things seem absurd, you must encourage this side of yours.

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2. Read a book – The virtual world can be sometimes even more real than the existent one. What you may witness while you read may help you cope with the stress and discomfort you may be dealing with in reality. Words are, in true sense of the word, powerful enough, of destroying as well bonding things; when one’s word may wound you, someone else’s (even if non-existent) may help to settle your nerves and set you on the right path again.

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3. Explore the world – Sitting aghast at home is simply not an option. While you can be filling yourself up with obscene ideas, you could better be exploring stuff near your house or elsewhere that you may never have otherwise. Remember, let go of the past, don’t worry about the future, and live lavishly in the middle of it all i.e. the present. After all, it’s your darn life! Live it as you want! Go outside and lose yourself in the beauty of the world rather than in the grief of a lost friend who never was truly yours. So, pack your things up and explore!

4. Regroup with other friends – Why be alone when you can be in the company of the finest folk that too belong to your “friends” category? I am talking about all your other “dudes” who mean as much to you as that “friend” meant to you. Take your time and share the same with your friends. Talk to them if you may. This will not only bring you peace of mind but a clear thinking to you as well. You would once again feel “you” and be cheerful than ever. Keep calm and keep living, dude!

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5. Go out and play – This may seem like a dud, but believe me; it helps. Immersing oneself in playful activities not only ups the spirit but also raises the ante to helping you forget about those woeful moments in a blitzkrieg! You would find yourself engaging and active in no time and would be back to normal sooner than you would have imagined. Playing your favourite games not only cheers you up, but also brings about the best in you. You would not only have a good time, but will be able to find yourself satisfied, to say the least.

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6. Listen to songs – Songs can mend your mood and change the way you think; they have the power to control your thoughts and influence you to the core. When in a bad mood or a great mood, people resort to listening to music to suffice their needs and clench their inner thirsts; if you ever feel down, feel free to adhere to the never-leave-you-alone songs! They are the most faithful friends and the most able partners! (Even our own shadow shuns us in the dark!) So, pick up your music partners and get grooving!

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7. Forgive – Falling into the depths of our own shadow (going into depression) is outright easy; it’s the simplest thing people to tend to look up to whenever betrayed, outraged, heart-broken, or plainly shaken to the core. There could be innumerous reasons for such a fall, but what one might think of before falling for such rubbish things is to think of the reason behind this fall for once (not go on thinking because it may result in another kind of depression!) and then forgive the person behind it all. It is hard, truly hard; but is possibly the best thing to do for your health – mental and physical alike. So, the next time you find yourselves in a jinx – break it; forgive the culprit.10KeyThings-Sorry 10 ways to get over a Scarred FriendshipImage Source

8. Get Emotional – It’s okay to get emotional – even for the “manly” men, for God’s sake! Every person has the right to cry and get poignant. This not only sheds the burden off your shoulders but helps you to feel free. You would feel a bit less pathetic and be back to senses after some time in the damp land. Never try and hide your feelings; let it all out. You would not only feel relieved but be the free bird like you used to be or may want to be. And getting emotional isn’t a choice; it’s a decision that needs no persuasion or reason but a declaration with immediate effect!

9. Accept the truth graciously – You lost a friend – a great one, indeed and now you have nothing in this world to entice you again; nothing that would be able to wake up the old soul trapped in your body and set it free. Get – over – it. There’s no point in falling in the deep sleep for you would be the one at the losing end. One must let go of what happened; all that happened in the past happened for a reason and then ended for a pretty good reason as well. We must not dwell on the past and think of why it ended and stuff but rejoice that at least it happened! Accept the reality and bow down to the truth with zeal.

10. Indulge yourself – Yes! Now might be the right time to try something totally new – a new ice-cream flavor perhaps or immersing yourselves in the things you love – an all-time favourite ice-cream flavor then! The point is, we must not let ourselves fade out in the wilderness; the situation might be tough and you may feel like giving up but you must not forget that once you give up, there’s no way back to normal. So, go out and enjoy yourselves and live while you’re still living; because mere existence cannot do the trick.

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We must be stronger than what we suffer, no matter how hard the situation may seem or how daunting the task may be, we must hold on to ourselves and hope to come through. Because in the end when you find yourselves all alone, you would find beside you, hope – your resurrection. And then again a new day would dawn and a new you would begin to take shape and life would be just as normal as it used to be.

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  1. Yes very true..time is the healer…very good tips on recovery and finding ourselves back again with a fresh start…there are few points which I have lately done to overcome my loss…but the most toughest part of it is forgiving someone and let go off their mistakes…we really need a strong mind and soul for it right..definitely a useful read..thanks to the author..cheers


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