Suzuran – Restaurant South East Melbourne, Australia


Cuisine: Japanese,Sushi
1025 Burke Road, Camberwell, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ph: 03 9882 2349

A leading Japanese grocer and vendor of the delicious sushi and sashimi, Suzuran provides you with delicious takeaways that would fill your tummy and heart. So the next time you have a huge family feats or celebration and want to serve some yummy sushi, all you have to do is make a stop at Suzuran. You can also find all kinds of ingredients, drinks and snacks here that would complement your meals. Suzuran serves 81 varieties of non-veg sushi and 42 varieties of veg sushi. Don’t miss to read the highlights of one of the Best Japanese Restaurants South East Melbourne, Suzuran below:

Reservation No
Kid-friendly No
Price A$35 for two (approx.)


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