Stay healthy without dieting

10KeyThings Stay Healthy Without Dieting

Don’t be surprised when we say this. Yes! Staying fit is possible without dieting. All of us know the harmful effects of being overweight and try quick fix solutions. These solutions however don’t have a lasting effect. The aim is not only to lose weight, but also to maintain it. This can only be done by making some permanent changes in our lifestyle and eating habits. There is no need for you to starve or do crash dieting to lose weight.

1. Never miss your breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now, we all know the numerous amount of times we skipped breakfast to get to our jobs on time. Get up a little early and stay healthy!  Some also feel that it’s good to avoid eating breakfast to lose weight. The fact is that one should always eat nutritious and healthy breakfast every day. Normally people who skip breakfast end up eating more during the day.

2. Go green – Add at least one green leafy vegetable to your meal. This can be adapted daily. Green leafy vegetables help in keeping your body fit.

3. Eat small portions at regular intervals – Many times we end up eating more than what is required by the body. We overeat, especially the food which we like. Instead, try and have small portions of food and eat 3-4 times in a day. This way you will not overeat, food will be easily digested and very less calories will be accumulated in your body.

4. Eat slowly – When you eat slowly you enjoy the food and taste it better. As a result you then eat less. Slow eating also allows you to chew it properly which further helps in easy digestion.

5. Read the labels – When you buy canned food or packed ingredients, ensure that you read the components used. All food packets mention the quantity of an element used. Even if it is a pack of healthy oats, it is advised that you read the label.

6. Walk and exercise regularlyThis is something we all can do. It’s just a matter of habit. Take steps instead of the elevator, walk till the metro station, subways or bus stop, walk when you are talking on the phone, make time for evening walks after work etc.You need to burn your carbs, keep your body toned and look fresh. Opt for simple and easy exercises like; slow jogging and stretching.

7.  Stock your kitchen and fridge with healthy food – Buy lots of vegetables, fruit and healthy food and store in your kitchen and refrigerator as you will end up eating what’s available.

8. Eat more grains – Grains are healthier options. Eat brown rice, whole wheat bread, bran flakes, etc.

9. Say no to soft drinks, fried or oily food Eating out once in a while is fine; but avoid eating oily and fried food on a regular basis. Try baked snacks, vegetables, etc.; they are tasty as well as healthy. Also, most of the soft drinks are high in calories. Avoid them as much as you can. Carry water with you.

10. Stay activeIncorporate some sort of physical activity in your daily routine. Try playing your favourite sport which you haven’t played since ages! Football? Basketball? What’s your interest? Do what you enjoy. Don’t force anything.

11. Self careLearn to say no to things which are not good for you. Now, how many of you try things just because one of your friends said so? If it is healthy it is fine; otherwise don’t fall prey to peer pressure.

12. Replace unhealthy food with healthy alternatives – Too bored of your usual daily meals? It’s time that you change some of them! Today, healthy options like brown bread, sugar free, toned milk etc are easily available. Before you consume a food, check if an alternate healthy option is available. For example; you can opt for brown rice instead of regular white rice.

Staying fit and losing weight is not so much difficult. It’s just a matter of adopting some good habits and making them a part of your daily routine. Refer this article to you friends who think to start dieting in order to stay healthy.

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