7 Tips to maintain suspense in a fiction

10KeyThings Maintain suspense in a fiction

Suspense” when a person says – first thing strike in our mind is what will happen next? Building anxiety in the minds of your readers is one of the most valuable key in engaging them early in your novel and keeping them flipping pages late into the night. Simply put, if you don’t catch your readers, they won’t get into the tale.

To keep the readers’ attention through the long midsection of your book, you’ll need to continually develop the argument and go forward with the plot in logical steps without making the story predictable. You can create by using a variety of techniques that is tension, foreshadowing and pacing. Suspense arises naturally from a good writing — it’s not a flavor which to be added separately. Read below to find out what’s missing in your story….

7 Tips to maintain suspense in a fiction:

1. Do not reveal – Allow readers to think hard about what the character is thinking rather than writing everything on paper, after few lines or pages they can conclude the scene but not the story. Then again keep them intact with new era.

2. To the point – You are writing a suspense story not an action drama. Action will somewhere kill the continuous part of the tale and there are chances that reader might lose interest because you have promised them a suspense thriller, give what they are looking for but not by adding extra content.

3. Is the danger genuine? – If the hero and heroine stop in the middle of a chase to share a adoring interlude while trusting dumb luck to keep them from being discovered, it’s going to be little hard to convince readers that they have reason to be fearful. If readers are to believe the jeopardy, then the characters must act as if they’re threatened. Even if the danger isn’t physical, maintain pressure on the characters. Don’t stop for back-story; weave it in.

4. A little twisty? Yeah! – You need not keep the plot always cheery and joyful! Being dangerous and risky has its perks. You grab the attention of your reader when you introduce a sudden twist or a change in your plot. Hencem you increase the probability of your reader staying past your bedtime!

5. Withhold information – You want your audience to read the whole book, don’t you? You know the complete hidden story behind the plot and characters so you might be tempted to spill out the back-story and hidden story right away, but the story is improved when at least some of that information is held back—sometimes up to the very end.

6. Maintain intensity – Reader will feel the character when there is a connection between them. So always try and keep adding few sentimental scenes where reader will keep his/her heart open and then they can feel the pain of the character. This helps in keeping them to go on reading. There is always line said “if one reader shares your book with another person that makes you an author”. So, maintain the intensity of emotions.

7. Put characters in danger, but – Bring the readers closer to their favorite characters, but not all, by making them struggling for their desires. Make the readers empathize with the characters.

No matter what you write, good writing style really is all about sharpening the suspense. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll keep your readers up way past their bedtime.

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