Want to live better? Follow these 9 inspiring people

While we go on with our lives yapping about our troubles that are as small as not having the latest iPhone, there are people who silently rise through the ranks with troubles that some of us cannot even begin to think of. The stories of these people are truly an inspiration, with each of them offering a lesson that you can learn and live a better life. Here are the stories of 9 inspiring people.

9 inspiring people stories:

1. Nick Vujicic

Born with all his limbs absent, Nick suffers from the Tetra-amelia syndrome, an extremely rare diseases characterized by the absence of the limbs. Although he has struggled a lot through his life, his disability did not stop him from achieving his goals; He holds a degree in Accounting and Financial Planning and looks after his own NGO – Life without limbs. Nick is also a motivational speaker, inspiring thousands of people across the globe.

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2. Stephen Hawking

If you are into science, then you must have heard about this brilliant scientist. Famous for his ground-breaking work on black-holes, Stephen Hawking suffers from an extreme case of a motor neuron disease that has resulted in complete paralysis of his limbs and his voice. However, his disability has not retarded his will to contribute to science, as the genius continues to amaze us with his research on black-holes and gravitational singularities.

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3. Jessica Cox

A graduate degree in Psychology, two black belts in Taekwondo, and a world record for flying a plane using only her feet – Jessica has probably achieved more than you and I ever would. What makes her story even more special? She has done all this with the absence of hands. Being born without limbs has not affected her determination at all, as she is also a motivation speaker who encourages people with disabilities to work for their goals and never stop dreaming.

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4. J.K. Rowling

Widely famous for her famous Harry Potter Book Series, J.K. Rowling was not always the sensation that she is now. The author was so broke that she could not even afford to feed her baby, after she had got a divorce back in 1994. The potter world did not appeal to much publishers either, as her first book was rejected by almost a dozen publishers. However, Rowling did not lose hope and her hard work did not go for nothing, as Bloomsbury publication finally agreed to go ahead with her book. The rest, as we all know, is history.

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5. Jack Ma

Founder of the Alibaba group, Jack Ma is currently the richest man in China. Although perseverance, and not money, is the most notable trait of the entrepreneur. Failing twice in his primary school examinations and thrice in the middle school exams, the man was the only person to be rejected for a KFC job out of 25 people. However, Ma believed in himself and kept working hard to pursue his dream, for he knew that failure was not a setback, but a ladder.

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6. Colonel Sanders

The smiling old chap from the KFC banners, Colonel Sanders’ tale is one of true perseverance. The man started his fried chicken business when he was 40, although he had to close it within a decade as the interstate came through his town, taking away a huge chunk of his customers. The man did not lose hope as he set on to sell his secret recipe as a franchise, asking for a nickel for every chicken piece that was sold. After sleeping around in his car for days and being rejected by more than 1000 restaurants, KFC finally got its first franchise.

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7. Sean Swarner

The only person to be diagnosed with both Hodgkin’s disease and Askin’s sarcoma, the doctors had told that he Swarner that he had a life expectancy of three months when he was diagnosed in the final (fourth) stage of Hodgkin’s disease. A decade after he had his Askin’s tumor removed, Sean Swarner became the first ever cancer survivor to climb the Mt. Everest! However, he had not had enough of mountaineering yet, as he continued his journey and successfully climbed the highest mountain on each continent, becoming the only cancer survivor to have successfully completed the seven summits.

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8. Patrick Henry Hughes

A spectacular pianist and player in Pep bands, Patrick Henry Hughes was born without eyes, along with an inability to straighten his arms and legs that made him unable to walk. However, the man had defied his disability and plays better than many famous artist, and continues to be featured on many channels for his spectacular talent.

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9. Ludwig van Beethoven

Having a universal consensus for being one of the most legendary musicians of all times, Beethoven was musical masterpiece. Although his hearing started to deteriorate when he was 12, as he became completely deaf within a few years. However, that did not stop him from composing his symphonies, as many of his masterpieces were composed by him after he had gone deaf!

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Each one of us have our own share of problems, but we have to remember that there is a solution to every problem, and that every obstacle in our life only makes us stronger. So stay strong and tackle all your problems head-on!


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