10 Psychological tricks to Influence people: Part 2

Here are the remaining 5 psychological tricks to transform you from a loser to the most influential person you ever thought could be. Don’t miss – Amazing first five psychological tricks to Influence People

10 Psychological tricks to Influence people: Part 2

6. Scarcity theory – Remember the last time you visited the mall and saw the “70% off for today only” tag and felt the sudden adrenaline rush through your body converging in your mind telling you to “Go, Grab it!” This is exactly what the Scarcity theory psychological trick is all about. The principle being luring someone with such lucrative offers that he/she simply can’t deny! So, the next time you go shopping, be a little smarter. Alas! You won’t.

7. The Ultimatum – Almost everyone today, is a member of the ever growing Whatsapp community which has taken instant messaging to a whole new level. Now, amongst the many messages you exchange with your friends, family, etc. there are always some messages pertaining to “Forward if you love God/mother/father/lover/blah…blah…blah…!” This exactly is what the ultimatum psychological trick does! Referring to people you love or deities you hold in such high regard is what makes anyone vulnerable and this ultimatum drives the target into doing something (forcibly of course!) as per their stalker’s wishes! So, next time you see such a message, get prepared for something nasty.

8. The Information principle – How many times have you been in a debate with someone? And in all of those times, who has emerged the winner? If you have been at the receiving end, it’s time to brush up those sleeves and start searching! Yes! It is a proven theory that the more informative the speaker, the more are his chances of convincing someone. Keep in mind that just plain information doesn’t do the psychological trick. You need to be bold and confident; the key to winning any debate is having the best ‘quality’ content, the better your content the better are your chances of winning and winning some fans, of course!

9. The Sound effect – Imagine, being in a verbal duel with someone. He gets loud and you get even more louder. The heat keeps on rising and ultimately both lose the fight and respect for each other. Why? Actually, if you have ever noticed, while in a debate/ verbal duel, the more one raises his voice the more the ‘fight’ begins to intensify, making it impossible to arrive at any logical conclusion. Higher voices just intensify a ‘fight’ while lower, calm voice helps one to maintain his cool and carry on the discussion in a decent manner. The moment you raise your voice, you have lost the duel.

10. Social evidence – Everything you find on internet might not actually be true, but is true enough to influence others. Yes, showing someone something right off the internet makes them think it is actually true. Imagine, a salesman coming at your doorstep, presenting to you a newly discovered pill to help you shed kilos in a matter of weeks! You then look at the belly in between your eyesight and your feet and then again at the salesman. Your perception of him changes wildly, making you think of him as a messenger sent from heaven but before indulging in too deep, you hold back your breath and gravely ask “Is there any evidence to prove it?” The salesman, with his crooked smile, takes out his tablet and shows you the company’s site wherein thousands of people, according to him, had tried on the pill and given utmost positive feedback and lived in perfect shapes thereon. Next thing, you know, is having spent moolahs on absolutely nothing! Some great gig, eh?

So, these were the psychological tricks you had been waiting for all your life to make you into something ‘more’. So, pick your lazy derriere up and go out prancing! Part 1

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