10 Psychological tricks to Influence people: Part 1

Who hasn’t seen X-Men and isn’t a fan of Professor X? For those of you who haven’t seen it, Professor X is a mutant who can read and manipulate anyone’s mind without the other person even knowing about it! Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? But it’s rather, too cool to be true, eh? Nope.

There exist some pretty psychological tricks that anyone can use to influence or manipulate with people. This may seem outrageous, but is actually true. The following are 10 such psychological tricks that any normal individual can apply in daily life to manipulate almost anyone’s mind!

10 Psychological tricks to Influence people: Part 1

1. Keep the truth to yourself – Easily the best and the easiest psychological trick that an individual can use to manipulate someone’s mind, is to keep the truth away from that person.

Say you want to throw a surprise party to your parents on their 25th anniversary. What you will need to do is make arrangements in advance along with inviting family members and friends without your parents even noticing. Another step is to get them ready to take them to the party hall on the anniversary day without telling them the truth and convince everyone to be there before your parents’ arrival in the hall. You will have to learn the art of keeping the truth to yourself along with influencing family and friends to hide the information so well that not only your parents will get surprised but also remember those moments for the rest of their lives. Sounds simple enough? Wait till you try it.

2. Presentation of your empathy – One of the most influential tools that a person can have is empathy. With this powerful tool by your side, you can even dissect someone’s brain!
Take for example, you see a person crying by the railings and you want to know about the back story but the person would simply not tell you about it. Now, what you do is start dictating your own sad story, true or not doesn’t matter, and earn their respect and heart making them feel your pain and accordingly they would be obliged to share theirs. This actually works. Empathy is your most handy tool ever as it helps you enter someone else’s world of feelings.

3. Low-Balling – This psychological trick is usually used by salesmen trying to win over customers. What this technique involves is simple presence of mind.
Take for instance, you saw a beautiful shirt in a shop and decide to buy it. The salesman sincerely informs you that the price tag mentioned is somehow wrong and the real price of the shirt is actually higher. You fall in depression but your lust for the shirt persuades your mind into falling for it and buying it for the price as mentioned by the salesman. This way they fool you into paying more than the mentioned price and you gladly accept this submission without fail.

4. Foot-in-the-door – This unique psychological trick is a master class in its own. It starts with a small request to the target ultimately foiling in on bigger and bigger requests reaching on the primary motive.
For example, your friend asks you for a free sign-up for some holiday membership. Thinking of him to be a good friend, you mindlessly sign-up; what happens next is that you get another call from that friend the following day asking you to show up for some offer by the company. You visit the friend thinking it to be another sign-up but instead he sticks you with a company guy from holiday membership you earlier signed and persuades you into paying some donation as a part of the offer. Now, if you had known in the beginning itself about the fake donation, would you have signed-up?

5. Door-in-the-face – This is an unusual psychological trick which involves offering the target with a huge request subsequently getting rejected and then offering the real offer which is exponentially smaller and getting the desired result.
Let us take an example of a friend who comes by your house asking for donations for some NGO he has been working with in free time. He asks you for a pretty 500 bucks but seeing that it’s a huge amount you solemnly reject and with a dejected smile on his face, he asks for a mere 50 bucks and this time you gladly accept the offer seeing the huge difference in the amount. This way the friend tricked you into donating by showing you both the sides of the balance and winning you over fake modesty.

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