Make your Upset Stomach Happy, naturally

10 Key Things Upset Stomach happy

What did you eat last night? Did you eat your favorite street food and now regretting? Stomach ache, vomiting or acidity – Whatever it may be, you want to feel better now. Make your choice between terrible taste of medicines and simple home remedies. If you’ve chosen the later, here’s some of the simple home remedies that can ease an upset tummy and can bring smile.

11 Ways to Make your upset stomach happy, naturally

1. Carrot & peppermint – A worthy combination of Carrot with Mint would be the right choice to appease your gurgling or queasy stomach, if influenza has upset your digestion. Carrot will revitalize the energy, where dried mint will make your stomach happy. One can use this brew in different forms like juice, soup etc and relish its wonder effect.

2. Raw cumin seeds – Consuming a teaspoon of cumin with luke warm water can give you instant relief. You can repeat this in 3 hours gap for better results.

3. Coconut water – This natural beverage is known for its medicinal properties as it contains potassium, vitamin C and electrolytes. This can help in soothing upset bellies as it contains no artificial ingredients or food preservatives.

4. Banana – is a Potassium rich food which is best for upset tummies especially when dehydration or diarrhea is making you nauseous. Experts’ advice to eat it with no supplement when your stomach is upset.

5. Rice food – Rice Tea or Rice Broth or Boiled & strained water of plain rice are found healthy and help in assuaging stomach problems.

6. Apple cider vinegar & applesauce – Apple is good for constipation. In case of diarrhea, Applesauce can bring instant relief and infuse calories. In case of indigestion, Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water with a tablespoon of honey is quite effective. It brings speedy comfort from cramping or acidity.

7. Burnt toast – Pregnant women with the problem of nausea or sick stomach prefers to eat Burnt Toast as its char helps in soaking up body toxins, thus curing sickness or vomiting.

8. Vegetable broth – Soups are considered best for digestion. It contains the right balance of vegetables stork, salt, liquid etc., which helps in maintaining the right fluid as well as salt content, as required to lighten your tummy trouble.

9. Herbal tea – Any Herbal brew or tea can cure a troubled stomach especially Chamomile or Ginger. The herbs help in easing inflammation and relaxing aches in your tummies. Moreover, these natural herbs have inherent medicinal qualities, which are good for the body.

10. Caraway seeds – Caraway seeds are often nibbled after meals to avoid gastric issues or to help digestion. These seeds contain digestive vitamins & minerals that stop anti-digestive bacteria from affecting the stomach.

11. CRAP diet – CRAP is shortened form of ‘Cherries, Raisins, Apricot & Prunes’ which are rich in fibers and are good for stomach. Take one each every day to revive your body system and to keep tummy troubles away.

A doctor’s visit for simple stomach issues can be a costly affair in terms of money and time. Why to undergo a medicinal treatment, when simple food remedies can cure your upset stomach and blossom smile on your face. Please be cautious, if you are allergic or on some medications or food.

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