What you eat is how you perform: Part 1

Oh, what all have you not done to improve your sex life? Victoria’s Secret, erotically decorated bedroom, perfumes, enigmatic soundtracks, they name it, you do it. But did you know there are some foods, some basic aphrodisiacs that can drastically improve your performance and gratification in bed. Here are some

R-rated foods to help ‘spice-up’ your sex life:

1) Dark Chocolate – The tastiest alternative to aforementioned sex life boosters, dark chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants. Not only that it is a proven fact that dark chocolates improves your libido and well, betters your performance. Now you understand why man sensuously sharing a chocolate with his partner in bed, in the late night B-grade film, was not just erotica, it had a scientific backing to it. It contains a compound called phenylethylamine which released dopamine, a neurotransmitter released during orgasm, and is also responsible for producing feelings of euphoria.Chocolate What you eat is how you perform: Part 1

2) Oysters – Oysters are most famous aphrodisiacs, no matter they are so popular with the couples going out for a late night date. They have the highest amount of Zinc compared to other seafood. Zinc is known to crank up the release of testosterone which naturally leads to a better sex life. It also leads to a better sperm count.Oysters What you eat is how you perform: Part 1

3) Avocados – Avocados are rich in unsaturated fats and have a lesser quantity of saturated fat which instantly makes them very good for your heart and arteries. They would make sure the blood doesn’t stop flowing when you’re overwhelmed with personal pleasure and a will to please her. Avocados are also good for general health as they decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction.Avacado What you eat is how you perform: Part 1

4) Garlic – Reading the name itself would have turned you off and left you with a disgusting mental smell, but garlic is known to be a great aphrodisiac, in fact one of the best. It has a compound called allicin, which improves blood flow to all organs, essentially ‘that’ organ. More the blood flow, better the sensitivity and better the performance.
Warning: Make sure you get rid of the odor before entering the bedroom.Garlic What you eat is how you perform: Part 1

5) Spinach – Spinach is rich in a compound called folate, deficiency of which can cause fatigue and irritability, something which you definitely don’t want to happen in the bedroom. Folate helps the body form red blood cells, as well as increases your libido and fertility. No wonder Olive preferred skinnier- Spinach crazy Popeye over the muscular Bluto.Spinach What you eat is how you perform: Part 1

6) Strawberries – It’s no secret that strawberries are amazing in inducing passion and sensuousness, so much that even if you’re watching someone teasingly eat it on television, you are sure to get turned on. But they are also known aphrodisiacs and are excellent in improving the sexual drive for both males and females. Top them with dark chocolate and your nights won’t get wilder than this.Strawberry What you eat is how you perform: Part 1

7) Watermelon – Watermelon has an amino acid called citrulline which has the same effect on body as Viagra. Yes, seriously!  It helps dilate blood vessels, which is basically what Viagra does in layman terms. It is not only a very tasty fruit, but watermelon will also help you prevent erectile dysfunction.Watermelon What you eat is how you perform: Part 1

8) Almonds – Almonds are packed with vitamin E which is vital for a good sex health. Moreover no-blockage blood flow is essential for your organs. Hence almonds are good option and can be consumed in summers and winters.almond What you eat is how you perform: Part 1

9) Sweet Potato – Rich in potassium, sweet potatoes are beneficial for those with infertility. It also contains beta-carotene and vitamin A. Other benefit of sweet potato is that it helps in controlling high blood pressure.sweet-potatoes What you eat is how you perform: Part 1

10) Sesame Seeds – Sesame seeds are a high source of zinc which is good for sexual health. The seeds can be mixed with any meal or sweet dish. Sesame seeds help in sperm production in men.sesame_seeds What you eat is how you perform: Part 1

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