11 ways to win the Depression battle

The way we deal with things has a lot to do with the environment we have grown up around. Not only does it shape the way we think, but also how we hold up in the face of adversity. Learning to battle with depression is the toughest part though. Here are a few ways and realizations that can help you battle with depression:

1. Your parents are not evil strategists – Kids often tend to forget that their parents are just not machines that clean their bedrooms and put food on the table. In fact, these humans in particular, care more about you than anything in this whole wide world.
So remember, even if you think your parents “just don’t get it” or they are constantly “all up in your face”, they still will be there for you no matter what kind of crap you pull. Family bonding is something that comforts you at a whole other level. Let them love you, let them be there, let them care and open up to them. There is no better person to take advice from. You will agree with this a few years from now.

2. Drugs just push you further down the hill – Taking drugs is like trying to fix a leak in your pipe with cellotape. It is only a temporary fix, if at all. Yes, drugs will take you to ecstasies you have never dreamt of, but it is not real and you know it. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to face the world outside your head and there are no pink clouds raining chocolates endlessly there.

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3. Bend it like yoga – Another coping mechanism that has been quite popular is the practice of yoga. You start wearing simpler clothes, eating healthier food, bend yourself into weird positions and breathe in various patterns. That’s pretty much it. You could try sitting with yourself for a bit, close your eyes and who knows, you might even become a Zen master someday.

4. Pills are not lifelines – No really, you should take your neighborhood pharmacist off your favorites on your phone. While you’re at it, stop exchanging those lame memes. He’s your pharmacist, not your best friend forever. It gets hard, but you cannot start depending too much on tablets and capsules to make all the pain go away. Prefer natural therapies to fight. Homemade treatments are quite popular and effective. Try them out!

5. Stop filling yourself up with junk – You are what you eat. (Now don’t go eat a unicorn because I said that). Eating nutritionally sound food is an important thing to take care of regardless of what you are feeling. Especially when you’re depressed and your state of mind is deviated from the normal, you must ensure you don’t slip. Remaining physically fit and healthy, plays a major role in how you feel and act.

6. Confiding is not a sign of weakness – I got two words for you, start talking. Telling people close to you about what’s going on is not a sign of weakness. Many a times it happens so that you keep holding things in and they pile on to such an extent that you end up having a nervous breakdown. Instead, you could just tell someone what you feel and well if they end up judging you, you don’t need them anyways.

7. Get comfortable in your body – You know that really red baggy shirt you have had lying around in your closet since the longest time? Wear it. Take out all the clothes feel comfortable in, put your feet up and kick back for a while. Stop thinking about how your sweatpants are not enough. Vogue and Zara will function without you, I promise.

8. Give yourself some credit – Love yourself, be proud of whoever you are, and don’t be afraid to shine out. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. You have survived till now, you sure can survive further!

9. Get enough sleep and proper diet – Lack of sleep is a key factor of your frustration these days. Improper food diet adds more to it. Live a balanced life, sleep for at least 6-8 hours and eat properly. This will help you combating the depression.

10. Do not dwell too much on false fantasies – For a smart and bright career, people set goals in their lives and that is a reason of their success. But a person having fantasies and unrealistic goals and desires in life will end up demoralizing himself about his own life. Set specific goals and start pursuing them. This will also give you a feel of determination.

11. Meet your old friends or visit your hometown – Your past must consist of good memories. Meeting an old friend or a group of friends will make you feel alive. You can visit your hometown as well, in order to cherish the old memories you spent there. Give yourself a break. Refrain yourself from thinking too much.

So remember, you have the power to make it or break it. As sure, as there comes day after night, I hope you make it. Depression is only a temporary part of life. It can be a “bad day” but not a “bad life”. Just think of it as a night and you will see the hope rising above your head to cover your darkness.

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