You know you’re meant to travel if…

Do you like to travel and always look out for exotic destinations? Here are a few things that would make sure that you are one hell of a traveller; in other words a

Travel Lunatic

1. The Travel Planner: If you see a travel planner taking a primary place in a person’s life you have identified the Travel Lunatic. To be honest, planning a trip is more exciting than the travel itself. Right from the journey of ticket booking and packing the favourite outfits! If you believe this, you are a true Travel Lunatic.

Biggest challenge: A true travel lunatic does not know the exact destination. Planning is not in his dictionary.
Tackle the challenge: Well not knowing your destination makes it even more interesting. You enjoy every surprise that comes your way.

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2. The Travel Accessories: While travelling light is the best way to travel, it’s the stuff that you carry that decides your commitment to travel. What do you think about a person who carries his best suit on travel? Someone on a planned trip, indeed.

Biggest challenge: Since you are on an unplanned journey, you may be unaware of the weather conditions. Sometimes it could be places where you may not find a place to buy what you need.
Tackle the challenge: Go wild and enjoy the unexpected. Sharing and borrowing may work sometimes.

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3. The Itch: Yes, the true Travel Lunatic may not be travelling for a better part of the year but the itch does not subside. He travels just to be at a different place.

Biggest challenge: Like there is no treatment for food craving, there is not one for travel itch too.
Tackle the challenge: Don’t sit back. Go for it. That’s the only medication.

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4. The Travel Books: Would you consider an armchair traveller to be travel crazy. Definitely! You don’t have to travel an inch to be a Travel Lunatic. Even if you spend days with your travel books, you’ve travelled virtually somewhere.

Biggest challenge: It’s only in the books. What if you want to physically feel it?
Few things have their own restrictions. A travel book may obviously not give you the actual feel.
Tackle the challenge: Pack up and move out. It’s time to touch and feel the place. What you saw in the book is more beautiful in reality.

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5. The Lust to Land at every airport of the world: Yes, you should hear the lunatics compare the rest room of different airports in the world. Stopping by with no plans and re-starting the journey with another no-plan journey is a sign of true travel lunatic.

Biggest challenge: You are unaware what the current halt has in store for you. You are also unaware when and where will be your next halt.
Tackle the challenge: Keeping a travel guide book or map along is advisable. Keep reading about places. Who knows you may land up where.

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6. The tenacity to face adversities: The true travel lunatic does not get depressed by a missed flight. In fact, he quickly plans a new holiday on the spot.

Biggest challenge: Since you were obviously not prepared for it, now the challenge is choose a different destination.
Tackle the challenge: Ring up a friend and ask for the most interesting destination. You may want to land on to a new continent.

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7. Missing a meal – No Problem: Someone keen on getting his standard fare on his travel isn’t a real traveller. A true lunatic enjoys eating what is available and even if nothing is available.

Biggest challenge: What if you eat only vegetables? Non-vegetarians usually do not face eating problems. They eat almost everything and everybody.
Tackle the challenge: When you find what you can eat, carry a bit along with you to survive the next hour.

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8. Up for local cuisine: A travel lunatic is a stickler for locally sourced vegetables and dishes. No fine dining and no restaurant trying. It is the local food he enjoying indulging in.

Biggest challenge: Hygiene may be a problem when it comes to local food.
Tackle the challenge: Indulge in eating where you can see how it is cooked.

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9. Well-worn shoes? Not necessarily, it is a well-designed shoe, one that can handle the strain that decides the true travel lunatic.

Biggest challenge: Sometime it may trouble you, as you may have to walk for long hours, climb mountains, cross rivers etc.
Tackle the challenge: Get out of the shoes and enjoy the grass and the rocks.

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So, a travel lunatic or not, these will tell you where to spot one!

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