Failing is Not Failure, if you know these 10 tips

10KeyThings How to Deal with Failure

Failure is often considered as negative. However, unless you fall, you will never know how to rise. Failure is connected to the golden word – TRY. If you try things and they don’t work out, do not feel bad because you have at least tried. Failure should be seen as a motivation rather. However, some people feel upset on their failure. To overcome that, some tips are here to handle failure:

“Failing is not failure”

1. You need to know that you are going to make mistakes – No one knows what would be the result. You may succeed or fail. Knowing that you may fall will eventually give you strength to rise back. If you have made mistakes in your past, accept them and correct them now. Take them positively. This way you will not feel inferior and will succeed.

2. Do not lose your wits quickly – People often panic easily and start acting insane. Do not be an insane. Losing your calm and getting angry with yourself will make you weak. Take your time and forgive yourself. Take a deep breath and start again. Effectively using your brain will not let you fail.

3. Stop thinking what others will think – Failure knocks at your door when you let other people bother you. Do not let anyone affect you. Keep doing your work peacefully and keep sailing through. Thinking of others will surround you with negativity. This will become a barrier in your path of success.

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4. Do not set unrealistic goals in life – We live in desires and fantasies as we are social animals. Everyone wants to live a lavish life. However, sometimes we set unrealistic goals in life that are beyond our reach of imagination. Setting unrealistic goals and mindset will disappoint you. This leads to frustration at different levels. Check for feasibility of your dreams and then try to achieve them. You are one-step away from achieving success.

5. Stay positive! Stop worrying! When something does not happen according to our desired expectations, we tend to think negative about our results. And when this process continues, we develop a negative attitude towards life. Always thinking negatively will lead you nowhere. Have a positive outlook and worry less. Worrying is another reason for failure.

6. A key to success – Making mistakes is not a bad thing. Learn from your mistakes. We make mistakes and forget them usually. Do not forget what you have done earlier. Failure is the best teacher. Take your previous failure as a motivation. It will be transformed into an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Never dwell on negativity or get demotivated. Changing your perspective from failure to opportunity will open your door for success.

7. Do not relish on future results – People after knowing that there is risk involved in a certain area, stop putting their efforts forth. It is suggested that you should not worry about future. The efforts you are putting in your work should be in the present context, not in the future scenario. Thinking of future, you will ruin your present as well. Drop off the fear of what the result would be, just do your karma. Success will be a gift for you if you honestly do your karma.

8. Do not feel insulted – When we fall, people misjudge us. People may start making fun of us. ‘Let it be’ – say it to yourself. Failure should not be associated with insult. It is rather a matter of respect. Failure should be associated with courage. If you have failed once, it means you are courageous enough to fall. Stand up and try again.

9. Stop looking for perfection – We try to be perfect in everything, be it our appearance, work, or style of living. In the process of perfection, we forget our original self. Imperfection is also beautiful. Do not always try to be perfect in what you are doing. Switch your view to “perfect should try to be you”. Moreover, you will not fail.

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10. Nothing is permanent! Nothing lasts forever. Always remember there is nothing that is permanent neither failure is. Do not feel low because you are failed. This is just temporary. After dark, there comes light. So do not give up, keep working and light will find you.

Do not lose faith in God or your destiny. Keep moving. Keep going. Take necessary precautions and calculative risks before starting something. The successful people in the world have faced failures as well, but they did not give up and kept trying. Let your actions make a way to success. Never lose your charm.

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