9 things to tell yourself everyday

10KeyThings 9 things to tell yourself everyday

Life is meant to be all about keeping yourself happy, no matter what comes your way. At times, you come home feeling demotivated, because of whatever reasons that be. But, nothing is worth taking the shine away from you. Here are 9 things that you should tell yourself everyday, to keep your silver lining intact.

1. Today is a new day, and tomorrow is a long time away – Today is a fresh start – a gateway to endless possibilities. Much like unprecedented negativities hit you without any prior signal, windfalls and happiness seems in similarly. The cue to being positive is in making the most of the day, and all that you can achieve in it. Plan for tomorrow when it comes – when you don’t know what the next ten hours hold, what good will it do to you, think about a time more than 24 hours away? Stay strong, stay bright. Today might just be the best day of your life.

2. I don’t know everything out there – Because, it is simply not possible for one person to know everything. Keep an open mind, and welcome new, young minds that buzz with ideas. Often, you will find younger minds that come up ideas, or know things that you may not. Be open to the fact that you do not know everything, and that there is something new to learn from others, everyday. Integrate this habit into your character, and you will soon become a leader respected for the positivity that you present.

3. Failures are only stepping stones – It’s okay, even Michael Schumacher has not won all the races, and Cristiano Ronaldo has missed crucial goals. No one is perfect, and neither are you. Every time you fail, make sure that you learn from it, so that you do not repeat the same mistake. Do not let your recent failure affect your mind for too long – get over it, and give it another shot without doing all that you did wrong the last time.

4. Yesterday is a closed chapter – Make yourself believe that what happened yesterday is not going to repeat itself. The good moments would not remain special had they happened every day, and the bad moments do not need to be repeated. Move on from what happened yesterday, taking with you only those moments that are worth remembering. Your time is now, and you can make the most of it – only if you want to.

5. The happiest day is not far away – Our lives are works in progresses, and we are all searching for the one goal that is ever so hard to achieve – happiness. Rather than setting yourself magnanimous targets, try keeping smaller goals. This way, you will see yourself inching towards your goals, your happiness. Always remember that the happiest day is not far away. Rather, with each passing day, you are getting closer to it.

10KeyThings-Happy-days-are-not-far-away-1024x679 9 things to tell yourself everyday6. Nothing is worth being sad forSometimes, what happens around us is not always in our hands. And, while certain things tend to pull you down, don’t dwell on them for long. Tell yourself that there are brighter, happier things to look forward to, and nothing is worthy enough to rob you of your shine.

7. I shall make someone smile today – Make sure to give something back to the world every day, no matter how small your present effort may be. Feed someone, take care of puppies, help the elder generation, donate to foster homes – your little effort will make someone smile, and that is something worth walking the extra mile for. In return, the contentment that you will get will urge you to turn this into a daily habit.

8. Design your life Define yourself, and the way you live. The strongest of characters can endure the fiercest of storms, and live through to tell the tale. Set yourself ground rules, and abide by your principles, so that the next time when you find yourself in a spot of contention, you have enough strength to hold your ground. It’s your life, and you will live it the way you feel like.

9. You have qualities too At any given time, you will find plenty of people to criticise the way you are. Don’t let it get to you. Remind yourself that you are who you are because of your qualities, and these qualities are the ones that make you stand out among the crowd. You are the supreme commander of your own life, and you are the best, no matter what anyone says. However, it does not mean that you are an expert in everything and doesn’t have to learn further.

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