10 Best Romantic Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

Best Romantic Restaurants Melbourne

Melbourne, with it’s state of art architecture, pristine, cold lighting and modern cuts in wood and polycarbonate and glass. Quite the paradise for the contemporary design student, but for the quiet candlelight dinner with your significant other, nah, you’d think, doesn’t quite fit the bill.

But here is 10KeyThings with a brand new list of some of the sweetest places in Melbourne, abounding in delights for palette and sight alike. So work your way through these ten destinations (listed in no particular order); taste and try and share your experience. We’d be happiest to revise and modify this list after hearing where YOU spent your version of a perfect Tuscan sunset dinner!

10 Best Romantic Restaurants in Melbourne CBD

1. Chuckle Park Bar and Café

Cuisine: Australian, Bar Food, Sandwich
Housed in a cozy side street under a leafy canopy, Chuckle Park is your short getaway into a modern Alice in Wonderland. With its miniscule appetizers served in stubby holders, colors and streamers criss-crossing the ceiling and mouth-watering delights…read more about Chuckle Park Romantic Restaurant Melbourne Australia

2. Il Solito Posto

Cuisine: Italian
Unanimously voted as one of the best Italian restaurants in Melbourne, Il Solito Posto lies glowing warmly just off Collins street in the heart of Melbourne. With it’s gold lighting, old school layout and indomitable classical Italian dishes, it soothes and pampers the soul and…read more about il Solito Romantic Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

3. Seamstress

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Asian, Cafe
If you’re in the mood for fun and revelry with your dear one, Seamstress provides an ideal venue for a social, lively night full of color and flavor in a redone, former textile house and Buddhist monastery in the thronging lanes of China Town. The ceiling is hung with the choicest…read more about Seamstress Romantic Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

4. Vue de Monde

Cuisine: Australian, Contemporary
Save this one up for a particularly special day: Located on the 55th floor with a sweeping view of the sunset by evening and the sparkling city by night, the prices at Vue De Monde are as steep as it’s location, but worth every penny. Again, they prefer to serve…read more about Vue de Monde Romantic Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

5. The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Yes, the title says it all. Replete in burgundy, rich scarlet drapes and Victorian wall lamps, this restaurant on wheels is a right little spoiler. The dinners on this van are particularly enjoyable. The tram streaks through the shining heart of Melbourne, and you can reproduce the…read more about The Colonial Romantic Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

6. Sunset Cruise

Cuisine: Contemporary
The traditional dinner-on-a-yacht never goes out of fashion. A number of catamaran companies offer a 3-4 hour sunset cruise that kicks off at the Docklands in Melbourne and makes it’s way across the city shore-line. With a surprisingly hearty buffet with countless…read more about Sunset Cruise Romantic Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

7. Bottega

Cuisine: Italian, European, Modern Australian
Bottega has survived and prospered through the competition offered by Melbourne’s most popular dining precincts. Sink into the plush leather seats and see the ambience take over. The hanging teardrop lights illuminate this sophisticated restaurant. The delectable…read more about Bottega Romantic Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

8. No35

Cuisine: Contemporary, European
Dark timbers and vibrant tones greet you on this 35th floor establishment which overflows with elegance. Celebrate your anniversary, or have a date-night, surrounded by contemporary art, dark rich timbers and coloured glass highlights. You will love the…read more about No 35 Romantic Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

9. Campari House

Cuisine: Italian, Bar food
The once famous Campari Bistro has reincarnated as the stylish and modern Campari House. A classy mix of contemporary and vintage, Campari House is an instant winner when it comes to first date restaurants. Add the roof-top bar to the equation and you’ve got yourself…read more about Campari House Romantic Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

10. Bluestone Restaurant

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Bluestone restaurant is an upmarket place on the quiet end of Flinders Lane. The restaurant retains the wooden beams and the bluestone walls from the time when Flinders Lane was full of bluestone warehouses. The ambience is serene and very well romantic. If you’re looking…read more about Bluestone Romantic Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

That’s it for now – but remember that this list is in no particular order. We’re happy to hear about your experiences at the restaurants on this list, as well as your suggestions about which of your favourite joints you need to see on it! So make sure to comment and rate these places so that we can keep updating the status of the absolute Best Romantic Restaurants in Melbourne CBD! We’ll make sure to keep the list regularly updated based on the valuable input of our readers. So, in nutshell, this list is not fixed!!!

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