10 Best Greek Restaurants in South East Melbourne, Australia

       10 Best Greek Restaurants in South East Melbourne

Greek food! Delectability straight out of the Mediterranean! Sharing characteristics with the traditional cuisines of Italy, the Balkans, Turkey and the Levant, Greek food provides an incredibly fresh alternative to the mundane everyday food.

After a lot of deliberation, experimentation, and research, the team of food-lovers here at 10KeyThings has created a comprehensive list of the best Greek Restaurants in the South Eastern Suburbs. We’ve made sure to cover both, the known delights as well as some little-known gems.

Remember – this list is in no particular order! SHARE YOUR MIND!!!

1. Hellenic Republic Kew

Cuisine: Greek
With mesmerizing décor and scrumptious food, Hellenic Republic Kew is certainly one of a kind when it comes to authentic Greek restaurants. Filled with bright colours, glass walls and mirrors all over the place, this restaurant is a stunner …read more about Hellenic Republic Kew Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

2. Doncaster Greek Tavern

Cuisine: Greek
Considered to be one of the best Greek food joints in the Eastern Suburbs, this restaurant is a very good crowd puller when the Melbourne folk are on the lookout for authentic Greek food. If you are in the mood to hog on some tasty Greek cuisine …read more about Doncaster Greek Tavern Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

3. Elyros

Cuisine: Greek
Elyros is known to provide its customers with the complete dining experience with the delicious Greek food, excellent service and the ambience to go with it. The staff members are particularly known for how informative and …read more about Elyros Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

4. Mythos House

Cuisine: Greek
The Mythos House is loved by its patrons for the excellent service it offers. Just like its name, it is actually a house/restaurant that can serve you authentic and homely Greek dishes that would take you down the memory lane if you are of Greek …read more about Mythos House Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

5. Café Platia

Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean
Café Platia is an excellent confluence of authentic Greek food and classic Greek hospitality. If you are a lover of any type of Greek food then you will surely love this cozy little restaurant. Pleasantly lit and made brighter with the smiles of the prompt staff members, …read more about Café Platia Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

6. The Greek Spot

Cuisine: Greek
If you prefer the good food at reasonable prices, then you better go hit the Greek Spot. You can have a majestic banquet that is easy in your pocket and at the same time fills your tummy. The Greek Spot is also well appreciated for its commendable service and the well-trained …read more about The Greek Spot Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…


Cuisine: Greek
Though not as popular as its peers, IONIO is still well known in the suburbs for offering its customers good Greek food that would hit them spot-on. The restaurant is tastefully decorated and well-lit. The staff is quite informed and attentive …read more about IONIO Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

8. Niko’s Tavern

Cuisine: Greek
Niko’s Tavern is known to serve excellent and authentic Greek food for very reasonable or even cheap rates. With a pleasant ambience, welcoming staff and food that would melt in your mouth, Niko’s is a hangout spot for students and adults alike. The banquet offered …read more about Niko’s Tavern Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

9. Medah Kitchen

Cuisine: Tapas, Greek
In Medah Kitchen, you can experience the beautiful confluence of Italian and Mediterranean flavors and textures. The staff is polite and attentive to your questions and concerns. The Melbourne folk in the suburbs love this little …read more about Medah Kitchen Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

10. Flame Greek Tavern

Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean
Flame can even make those who are not very fond of Greek food to fall in love with the exotic cuisine. The ambience is lively and pleasant and perfect for family meals and dates. This is one of the rare restaurants in Melbourne that …read more about Flame Greek Tavern Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

That’s it for now- but remember that this list is in no particular order. We’re happy to hear about your experiences at the restaurants on this list, as well as your suggestions about which of your favourite joints you need to see on it! So make sure to comment and rate these places so that we can keep updating the status of the absolute best Greek Restaurants in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne! We’ll make sure to keep the list regularly updated based on the valuable input of our readers. So, in nutshell, this list is not fixed!!!

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