10 things you should do during College life

With a universal consensus, college is one of the greatest times of our lives. Studying, partying, drinking, smoking (not just cigarettes), and going broke – you experience it all in college and get to know what life is really about. And just to be sure that you do not miss on any spectacular experiences, we present a bucket list for you with a few things that we think you should try at least once in college.

1. Live aloneAlthough the idea of living all by yourself sounds scary, it is necessary to do it once to know yourself better. We agree that having a roommate is awesome, but you can do a lot of stuff that you cannot do with someone else living under the same roof.

2. Go on a road tripThe best part about being in a college is you have a lot of time and liberty, while you can still ask for money from your parents. So gather some money and a couple of good friends, rent a car, and set out on a long road trip, and you will get a lot of fun, drama, and crazy stories in return.

3. Learn a foreign languageTime and resources – you have got plenty of the two things needed to learn a new language, while you are in college. Take up a foreign language as a course for credits if your college offers one, or start learning one on your own in your spare time. As an added advantage, calling yourself bilingual might help you to get off to a good start with the ladies as well.

4. Adopt a petIf you want to know what unconditional love is, adopt a dog. Having a wagging companion to welcome you every time you get back from college is something one cannot hate even if they want to. Not a dog person? Get a cat instead! It will keep you occupied with its majestic silliness and purr for you every once in awhile.

PS: You do not own the cat, the cat owns you.

5. Get a jobThe feeling that you get after earning your first paycheck is truly ecstatic. And although you might not need to get a part time job, getting one will definitely help you to take some burden off your parents and to learn how to live independently.

6. Crash at an unknown partyYou will be going to more parties during your college than you will in your entire life after it. And crashing at a party where you know absolutely no one and drinking like you own it is something you might not get to do once you are graduated and all grown-up. So find a party near your college and make new friends while drinking like it is the last day of your life.

7. Live with a roommateLearning to live with a person who has different habits and preferences than you is an important lesson to be learnt in life. Living with a random person will teach you a lot, and in all likelihood you will be best friends with them by the end of your college.

8. Have a “spot”Although hanging out in the college cafeteria with all your friends seems to be the norm, have a spot that only you and your friends know about so that you can have some uninterrupted private fun. Cannot think of anyplace that would do? Check out the roof of your college building to begin with.

9. Learn about a different cultureThe best thing about college is that it brings people from vastly diverse background under the same roof. Make the best of the opportunity and befriend someone who has a different cultural background.

10. Join a fraternityCollege gives you the ideal environment and opportunities for exploring and pursuing your interests and hobbies. Being around people who share the same interest and enthusiasm for your favorite art as you do will be a spectacular experiences. And of course, you will also get to attend the spectacular fraternity parties!

College is the phase of life where you say good bye to the child in you and prepare to enter the real world, ruthless as it may be. Make sure you make the most of your time in there, for the values, skills, and memories that you gain in college are what you cherish for the rest of your life.

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