12 Beauty hacks for the road – Women

Are you planning to fly off for a beach vacation or embarking on a business journey? If yes, you will have to take care of your beauty while on the move. You have every right to look good and presentable whether you are travelling or enjoying a fun time with your friends. Following certain beauty tips, you can look lovely and appealing at all times and your skin will stay hydrated, radiant, and glowing. Here is a list of smart beauty tips that will help you look nice even when you are travelling:

12 Beauty hacks for the road – Women

1. Carry face wipes – Face wipes or face sprays, anything will do. Choose the one that does not has strong fragrance. Pick up one that suits your skin type. While travelling, you may not have access to water every time and so face wipes work as saviour. If you are carrying face spray, do not forget to keep tissues.

2. Don’t skip your nap – Because you are travelling, you may be very excited about not missing on any place. Remember that even while you are travelling, a good sound sleep is important to look fresh.10KeyThings-22 12 Beauty hacks for the road - Women

3. Always carry your moisturiser – It is very important to keep your skin hydrated at all times. This is easily possible by lathering heavy moisturiser every time you wash your face. While travelling, particularly on long haul flights, the skin tends to get dry as it succumbs to the dehydrating effect of air conditioner and cabin pressure. Thus, it is advisable to prevent your skin from such effects, as it can prove to be harmful for your skin.10KeyThings-31 12 Beauty hacks for the road - Women

4. Carry a light scarf – You may not know the weather of the destination. Keep a lightweight scarf to cover your face from dust and sun-rays. Cover your head to protect your beautiful hair.10KeyThings-41 12 Beauty hacks for the road - Women

5. Tie your hair high – Save yourself from messy hair after a long travel and tie your hair high in a bun or a ponytail. This will reduce the chances of suffering from frizzy hair after a long flight. In addition, it is important to keep your hair untangled and this can be ensured by using a comb with wide tooth. Even while travelling in a bus or a train, you may come across this problem. You can also use hair serums that will help you to keep your hair reasonable tangle free.10KeyThings-5 12 Beauty hacks for the road - Women

6. Keep makeup to a minimum – It is not wise to lather heavy makeup just before travelling. This will clog your pores and make it difficult for the skin to breathe. You must avoid using foundation or blush while travelling, rather stick to moisturiser or sprinkle mineral water to keep your face shiny and fresh.10KeyThings-6 12 Beauty hacks for the road - Women

7. Choosing appropriate nail colour shades – When applying nail paints before travelling, you must go for nude colours instead of bright colours. This is because, the chances of your nails being chipped during travel are high and if that happens, it gives an unfinished look. Therefore, colours like sheer, nude, and neutral will prove to be better options, as these colours do not catch the attention of others in case your nails are chipped.10KeyThings-7 12 Beauty hacks for the road - Women

8. Avoid touching your face – While travelling, you may have to use your hands to grab a handrail or touch the seat for support and since these surfaces are teeming with bacteria, the chances of suffering from a breakout increase when you touch your face. Thus, to avoid skin trouble, avoid touching your face.10KeyThings-8 12 Beauty hacks for the road - Women

9. Keep drinking water – For that glowing skin, water is essential. Carry a small water bottle and keep drinking to avoid dehydration. Avoid artificial juices as much as you can.10KeyThings-9 12 Beauty hacks for the road - Women

10. Do not use long lasting lipsticks while travelling – Many women cannot survive without wearing lip colour on their perfectly formed lips. However, it may enhance their attraction quotient but using long lasting lipsticks or lip colour can result in dehydration of lips. Thus, it is better to go with lip-gloss, which can act as a moisturizer while travelling. This way, your lips will not sport a cracked or chipped look.10KeyThings-10 12 Beauty hacks for the road - Women

11. Shampoo & Conditioning – When you return to your hotel, do not forget to wash your hair with a good shampoo. Your hair should not remain dirty for long hours. Carry small pouches of the shampoo that suits your hair type.

12. Carry ready to use waxing sheets – If you are travelling for longer period, it is advisable that you carry razor or waxing sheets along. Many places do not have easy access to such tools. So, if you are someone who loves to flaunt her legs, this one is for you.

The above beauty tips can help a lot when you are travelling and you can continue to look nice and gorgeous while travelling.

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