Why a 10-er lady gets with a 5-er man

Many times we see a beautiful damsel with a not so handsome boy and wonder what made her choose him. She could have definitely got a better match. Over the years researchers have tried to find out the actual reason that why a pretty girl does chooses a not so handsome boy. And here are the results of the studies.

It seems normal that a pretty woman is paired with a handsome man. But if you see a pretty woman with a not so handsome man you would say “Ah, He must be rich” or “Oh, She must be blind!” Well, those could be plausible reasons for such an alliance. But there might be other reasons supporting this match.

Why Women go for Less Handsome Men

Seal-and-Erin-Cahill Why a 10-er lady gets with a 5-er manSeal and Erin Cahill

1. Deeply in love – Maybe the couple is deeply in love and for them looks do not matter. Maybe for them it is their compatibility and understanding that they give preference over looks. This is general statement and can vary for each person. Some girls might prefer outer beauty to inner beauty, while others rely on the beautiful soul.

Chelsea-Handler-and-50-Cent Why a 10-er lady gets with a 5-er man

Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent

2. Profession matters – It is this situation that pairs pretty looking girls with okay looking guys. It is commonly seen that girls select their partners based on their profession and other macho traits and not by their looks. This phenomenon leads to pretty girls choosing to marry professionals without good looks, looking at good looking males in non-professional roles.

While there are many sceptics to this proposition, it can be argued that women, in general, are attracted to men with the maximum influence of the testosterone. This phenomenon helps us in the establishment of the fact that the pretty women can end up pairing with not so handsome men after all.

Marilyn-Manson-and-Evan-Rachel-Wood Why a 10-er lady gets with a 5-er man

Marilyn Manson & Evan Rachel Wood

3. Relationships last longer – Studies have proved that girls who marry not so good looking men have happier married life. Men usually are more concerned about the appearance of their partners. It’s the woman who is gazed and wants to look better and beautiful than the partner. Having a good looking wife motivates men to make their marriage work.

Moby-and-Natalie-Portman-1024x753 Why a 10-er lady gets with a 5-er man

Moby & Natalie Portman

4. Security and stability – More than anything else, grown up girls look for stability in a man. Looks and money for some could be materialistic. Moreover, how shallow does it sound, less handsome guys get you security.

Idina-Menzel-and-Taye-Diggs-1024x512 Why a 10-er lady gets with a 5-er man

Idina Menzel & Taye Diggs

5. Outgoing and confident – Even if it a fake confidence, less good looking men are more optimistic, outgoing and confident. Very rare will you find a hot man wooing a hot woman.

Julia-Roberts-and-Lyle-Lovett Why a 10-er lady gets with a 5-er man

Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett

6. Money-money – For some women, having a luxury life with a partner who is not so good looking is a choice. What the world says about her partner’s appearance is not what she is bothered about. As long as she is enjoying a dream life, she will make the relationship work.

Kim-Kardashian-and-Kayne-West-1024x639 Why a 10-er lady gets with a 5-er man

Kim Kardashian & Kayne West

There is one interesting explanation here. We owe this explanation to Professor Kanazawa from the London School of Economics whose research in evolutionary psychology has set benchmarks. He is a highly reputable professor and has been working in this field for the last many years.

Professor Kanazawa’s research is about the traits that the stronger and healthier partner of a couple passes on to the progeny. It also determines the sex of the progeny. It simply boils down to the fact that people with soft jobs are likely to have female children and those with macho jobs have sons.

Life is never about equals. There is something or the other up and down and we all have to mould accordingly. A relationship is not about external beauty only. It is about love and compatibility.

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