Diwali Celebrations Beyond India’s Boundary

Diwali Celebrations Beyond India’s Boundary

Stores are blooming with candles and lights as the festive season is around the corner. Diwali or Deepavali is the most loved festival of India and it is celebrated in nearly all the regions of India. There is no soul which is the breathtaking beauty of candles and lights. Not only does this festival fill everybody’s heart with joy, but it also provides peace to all. It is a festival which makes everybody believe in the power of eternal justice. It restores our faith and proves that only courage to do the right thing has the potential to win any battle. If you think that it is only India which celebrates this mystical festival then you must read further.

Diwali is celebrated in every corner of the world by not just Indians but foreigners as well. After all, this festival symbolizes the triumph of good over evil but no matter what the reason may be Diwali entices one and all.

1. Diwali Celebrations in the USA

Diwali is a big deal in the USA. It is similar to the extravagant traditions of India. People clean their homes and decorate them with earthen lamps. Spectacularly displayed electronic lights is the highlight of the festival followed by fireworks. People get dressed and go to the nearby community centers to see the cultural programs.

2. Diwali Celebrations in the UK

The UK, especially the city of Leicester, displays the beauty of Diwali through lamps and lights. The official switch-on ceremony in the city of Leicester adds to the limelight of this beloved festival and thousands of people come just to witness this ceremony. All the views and the enchanting moments make the day, all the more special!

3. Diwali Celebrations in Australia 

Australia celebrates Diwali in a rather simple yet vibrant manner. The whole-day Diwali event across Australia is followed by a huge display of fireworks. The Indians living there usually do exactly as the culture of India says i.e. by creating small Rangolis in their houses and decorating the entire place with earthen lamps. The Australians do not shy away from the customs as well and enjoy just like their Indian compatriots!

4. Diwali Celebrations in Mauritius

Approximately 64% of the population of Mauritius is Indian and hence Diwali is celebrated with a traditional touch. People clean their homes and decorate them with flowers and rangolis. They prepare a delicious course meal. Fire crackers are seen everywhere and the sky is full of lights. It feels all the more Indian with the swag and lights hitting just the right notes!

5. Diwali Celebrations in Indonesia

Although a majority of Indonesian population follows Islam, still, Diwali is celebrated with pomp and excitement. The island of Bali is very popular for Diwali celebration. They follow all the rituals which are accustomed to India. All the households are filled with electronic lights and earthen lamps and no one shies away from cracking a fire- cracker or lighting their houses.

6. Diwali Celebrations in Nepal

Believe it or not, but Nepal celebrates Diwali for 5 whole days! Yes! It is known as ‘Tihar’ there. On the first day, the cows are worshipped and given food. On the second day, dogs are given food. The third day is same as it is in India for the houses are decorated with lights and lamps. The fourth day leads to the worship of the God of Death – Yama and the final day is bhaiduj in which brother and sister meet and exchange gifts.

7. Diwali Celebrations in Fiji

During this festive season, entire Fiji is decorated with beautiful lights. Not only do the Indians involve themselves in this joyous celebration but even the foreigners enjoy it with the same or sometimes even more enthusiasm. Rangolis and earthen lamps are seen in every house with mouth-watering delicacies enjoyed by the entire family.

8. Diwali Celebrations in Singapore 

Serangoon road is very popular in Singapore for Diwali celebration. This is a place where most of the people from Indian origin reside. During Diwali preparation, the streets are filled with people busy shopping for Diwali. The archways are decorated with flowers and lights and on the day of the festival, the sight is simply breathtaking!

9. Diwali Celebrations in Trinidad

Fireworks are the major highlights of Diwali in Trinidad. Since 1966, this festival is being celebrated in the nation which lasts for a good nine days and is culminated with a national holiday. Every street blooms with people busy shopping for the festival. It’s similar to the way it is celebrated in India and hence all the households decorate their houses with lighting and rangolis.
Diwali symbolizes that no matter how forceful the bad is, it’ll never overshadow the good. This festival is celebrated with such enthusiasm all over the world which represents that no matter what our ethnicity is, there is nothing more binding than the power of humanity. It is love which binds us together and not the race or caste or color or creed. People forget the value of traditions and get busy with their daily routines. Festivals take their mind off such tiring schedules and encourage them to participate in things which are more important in life. They get to spend time with their families and friends which seem like an impossible job in today’s lifestyle. But nevertheless, the introduction of festivals such as Diwali reminds us that no barriers are strong enough to hinder the circulation of culture and the way it is celebrated proves that in the end well does win over bad.



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