Impact of Banning Rs.500 & Rs.1000 Notes in India

Impact of Banning Rs. 500 & Rs.1000 Notes in India

1.    Corruption will reduce
2.    A lot of Black Money is recovered
3.    Overbilling will reduce
4.    Fake Currency Circulation will reduce
5.    Anti-National activities will reduce
6.    Property prices may come down due to reduced demand
7.    Donations to Temples etc will reduce
8.    Education Abroad will reduce
9.    Luxury Items buying will reduce
10.    Luxury Items prices may reduce
11.    Diamond industry may be severely impacted
12.    Luxury Gifts or Cash-as-Gift may reduce
13.    Hawala Transactions may reduce
14.    Agents or Brokers in every industry may reduce
15.    Buying Gold, Silver etc may drastically come down
16.    Lavish Marriages, in fact most functions, may reduce significantly
17.    “Giving Heavy Cash” during may reduce
18.    Luxury Honeymoons may reduce
19.    Luxury Dining may reduce
20.    Taking Friends and Relatives to parties every now-and-then may reduce
21.    More Credit Card (Cashless) based  Economy
22.    No more sudden rise in people wealth
23.    Attractive to Foreign Investors
24.    More people will be paying Taxes
25.    Equity markets may be impacted
26.    All Betting Industries will be impacted
27.    Airline Industry will be impacted
28.    Business Class travelling may severely be impacted
29.    Automobile Industry may be impacted esp. Luxury Car Buying may reduce
30.    Movie industry may be impacted
31.    Advocates demands may come down
32.    Fighting over money will reduce
33.    Buying illicit drugs will reduce
34.    Construction Material demand may go down
35.    Building New Colleges / Schools / Hotels may reduce significantly
36.    Pubs / Bars / Night Discos may business may get impacted too
37.    Luxury spending or celebrations in festivals may reduce
38.    Various kinds of Investments may reduce (like antique buying, multiple properties)
39.    Recycle Industry may be impacted
40.    May reduce extravagant spending on Elections

So, these are the Impacts of 9/11 Surgical Strike on Banning Rs.500 & Rs.1000 Notes in India by PM Narendra Modi.

So, overall most of the industries will be impacted:
1)    Airline Industry
2)    Travel Industry
3)    Food Industry
4)    Real Estate Industry
5)    Education Industry
6)    Equity Markets
7)    Automobile Industry
8)    Entertainment / Movie Industry
9)    Betting Industry (Satta)
10)    Illicit Drugs Industry
11)    Construction Material Industry
12)    Prostitution Industry
13)    Pubs / Bars / Nightlife Industry
14)    Hefty Religious Donations
15)    Gems and Jewellery Industry
16)    Recycle Industry (plastic, paper, e-Waste)
17)    Textile Industry
18)    Scrap Metal Industry
19)    Antique Industry


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