Important Tips During Diwali for Parents

Important Tips During Diwali for Parents

Every year kids, newborns, and families suffer due to less attention given by parents especially on Diwali night. In fact, it may not be wrong to say that many “New” parents are not even aware what precautions they should take for their newborns during Diwali. As a result, their babies can have or breathing or hearing problems which they may come to know only when the baby turns 6-9 months. We are sure that you don’t want to be ‘that’ kind parent; In fact, we are sure nobody wants to see their family unsafe or hurt due to the Festival of Lights – Diwali.

This video has tried to reinforce those basic points which are usually ignored by Parents on Diwali. These points sounds pretty common but unfortunately we become so casual during festivals like Diwali. These tips will be helpful to those parents too who live in noisy areas.

This video is just an attempt to Build Awareness and Save Lives during Diwali; or when you are celebrating Diwali.
This Diwali Safety Top Tips for Parents video has the following for a Safe and Healthy Diwali:

1. BE ALERT on your phone especially on Diwali because Due to Noise, you don’t want to miss any Urgent Call
2. Close the Doors from where rockets etc can enter your home
3. Place Lit candles & diyas FAR AWAY from curtains, table cloth, wires…
4. Keep checking 0-3 months babies Every 5-10 mins
5. Ensure Newborn/babies are not exposed to Noise & Air Pollution
6. If your kid gets SICK during or immediately after Diwali…Visit Doctor
7. Avoid Travelling esp. during Diwali nights because a firework may cause an Accident
8. Don’t indulge too much in any activity that you forget about your Family Safety
9. Never ever try to make your own fireworks
10. Don’t use previous years’ fireworks
11. Don’t give firecracker to a child under 5 years of age
12. Right at the end of your fireworks night, douse the ‘duds’ with lots of water
13. Never throw left over fireworks onto a bonfire
14. Don’t drink alcohol near firecrackers

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We hope that this attempt, can SPREAD these Safety Tips for Parents While Celebrating Diwali to all your friends and families.

So, let us all try to follow these Top Safety Tips for Parents during Diwali.

Do let us know how can we improve this attempt further!!! SHARE YOUR TIPS AND ADVISE FURTHER FOR DIWALI!!!

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