New Year Resolution Ideas for a Better You!

And again, it’s that time of the year. Yes, the same time when we think of ways to better our lives or ourselves. Everyone makes New Year Resolution to get the better out of themselves

Year after year, we make resolutions. Some we stick to and some we don’t.  So before you self-reflect and jot down your goals for the New Year, remember to “finish what you started”. Stick this “post-it” note everywhere around you – at your work desk, on the fridge, on the bedside and for that little humour- even in your bathroom. After all, reminders are a great way to keep it going.

New Year Resolution Ideas for a Better You:

1. Smile, Smile, Smile: Smile has been mentioned three times as a pointer. Clearly, it’s impossible to explain how important it is to smile in your everyday life; not the fake ones though. Think positive thoughts, positive memories, positive people, positive quotes and SMILE. Research has proven that when you are in happy mood you spread that around you, leading to a better version of you. Once you experience the “better you”, you automatically focus on accomplishing- be it a resolution or a chore.

2. Exercise everyday no matter what: Oh come on! We know you think of this more often than you can imagine. But hey, it is never too early or too late to start. The key is to identify what you enjoy- gym, outdoor sports, dance, yoga- whatever. Explore and zero down on what you thoroughly enjoy. Once you get into it, it will be part of your routine and you will thank yourself for it. What a boost- for your self-confidence in every way!

3. Connect to Nature: We often associate “connecting to nature” with holidays and have you ever thought how relaxing that is? Just as a thought. Why do you want to reserve nature just for that holiday? Make nature a part of your everyday life and that fleeting sense of holiday/joy will prevail. It’s an excellent source to clear your mind, rejuvenate and be a better you.

4. Give Back to the needful: Giving is far more satisfactory than receiving. When you give, you receive “happiness” of a different kind. That inner joy is far greater than that online package you wait to receive. So think of that cause, that person you want to give your support to. Consistent monthly support (especially in terms of volunteering) will make you realize that you have the power to make someone smile. At the same time, the person who receives will think of the “goodness” in people around them. This breeds compassion. Remember – love breeds love!

5. Develop a habit of saving: This has become harder in these times. With constant offers in our face online and offline, it is so very hard to tell the spender in you to zip up. While it’s okay to pamper yourself or your loved ones, we must know how to save. The best way is to “write yourself an amount” that you deposit in an account you cannot use – not in short-term. It is hard but worth your while. It tests your willpower while forcing you to make the right decision for that brighter future. Are we ready for this? Say, YES!

The top 5 resolutions above are enough to get you started. Of course, you can self-reflect and identify what is the exact change you want to see in yourself. You might want to work on your temper, on your punctuality, on your finances, or anything else. But, if you are able to embrace any 3 of the above, every tiny goal will follow. Simply because, when you are happy, healthy and compassionate, you are more productive in all spheres of life. Here’s to the better YOU! HAPPY NEW YEAR & remember – finish what you started.

Let us know if this article has inspired you to keep resolutions to better yourself. Share your resolutions with us in comments.

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