Samsung Tizen and what it offers

Television is no more an idiot box. After smart phones hijacked the world, it’s time for Smart TV to revolutionize the way humans enjoy entertainment. Samsung has recently added another gem to its crown of excellence by announcing that all the TVs which are to be manufactured and sold by the company will be equipped with the new Samsung Tizen operating system, adding a new dimension to the entertainment fraternity. Samsung Tizen release is sure to win a million hearts – giving the customers a rejuvenated television experience like never before.

However, this won’t be the first smart TV in the world. Android TVs by Google have already been there in the market. But what are the new features of Samsung Tizen which sets it apart? Before we begin, you might like to read the terminologies related to Television. Here is a 

List of New features of Samsung Tizen TV:

1. Ultra high definition content with nano crystal technology – The new Samsung Tizen equipped operating system television is sure to be loaded with all new graphics and crystalline picture quality. This will result in a more realistic television experience and would engage the viewer better.

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2. Easy navigation and access – The redesigned smart hub (the home screen) is revealed on one screen helping users to access any feature quickly with easy navigation. The easy access content allows users to surf through the various entertainment stations immediately showing the owner’s most recent seen channels and recommendations accordingly.

3. Synchronization with other devices – It can surely be termed as a smart TV in the garage of Samsung’s highly equipped range of smartphones. It is also installed with an optimized four-dimension control being both playful and responsive. You’ll find it quite interesting how easily the TV synchronizes with other devices. Using Wi-Fi Direct, seamless sharing of contents from a mobile/tablet to the television and vice-versa is just a click away.

4. Bluetooth low energy technology and quick connect – With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), this Smart TV software makes your work easier than ever for it automatically searches for Samsung mobile devices nearby and connects to them. This easy convergence allows people the never before multi-screen experience with unlimited access to the world of entertainment across multiple compatible devices and stations. It is also possible to watch live broadcasts of ongoing shows and sports on the mobile devices or TV as the user demands, anywhere on their home network connecting via any compatible device, even when the TV is turned off.

5. Control through remote support and voice command both – The Samsung Tizen TV has a remote control which can be used as a pointer. This will help you scroll and navigate. If you ever feel bored, there is also an option to use voice command. This can be activated by pressing the mic button on the remote control itself.

6. Support games by various gaming companies – Not only do you watch daily shows here, this TV allows you to play games developed by top gaming companies like UbiSoft. It quickly connects and even supports multiplayer to play with friends and provides you a fascinating entertainment experience. The operating system’s ability to connect with almost every device you use offers a varied diversity in the world of entertainment becoming part of a much larger ecosystem.

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7. Further collaborations for ultra high definition content – This is where Samsung took a leap and formed collaboration with the famous company – twenty century Fox. Don’t know much about the company? Here is a list of 10 most popular FOX movies (coming soon…) in Hollywood which will help you recall it. Various scenes of one of their famous movies – Life of Pi – were redesigned so as to improvise the graphics, giving it a more realistic appearance.

The TV can be termed as a ‘small wonder’ and it is a complete fun-filled package. While we have discussed the features, let’s have a quick glance at Pros and Cons of Samsung Tizen TV:

Pros of Samsung Tizen TV:

  • Compatible with every standard device used in the home
  • Acts as a central connectivity to entertainment
  • One touch easy accessible all round entertainment experience
  • Smart connectivity with Samsung Smart Remote for engaging in the competitive gaming experience with friends and families

Cons of Samsung Tizen TV:

  • Moderate power consumption
  • Might get affected by viruses due to multiple connectivities
  • Various additional features might get cumbersome for users
  • Entertainment experience online can get affected due to bad internet connectivity
  • Usage of virus affected websites could cause destruction of saved files and slow speed in navigation

Comparison of Samsung Tizen with other Smart TVs:

Primarily, there are three competitors which will battle with Samsung Tizen:

1. LG WebOS 2.0
2. Firefox OS which is being used by Panasonic
3. Android TV by Google

As discussed before while the Samsung Tizen has a smart hub as its launch screen which has recent activities and featured content, Android’s home screen consists of elements like recently watched, downloaded apps and downloaded games. Android and Samsung Tizen both have the voice command facility available. The added advantage that Android TV has is the Chromecast. It is an added dongle which can help you cast content from your laptop or mobile to your TV. Home Screen of firefox has various decks which are Live TV, apps and devices.

For WebOs 2.0, we get to see a launcher which will show you most recent apps, channels, services and inputs. You will be able to bookmark the content you need here.

Overall, the Android TV is leading in the current scenario but it has to be admitted that there are a lot of developments which are to happen for Samsung Tizen which might give it a lead. The time shall decide the fate of this battle of Smart TVs!

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