Second month Pregnancy guide – What you must know

Pregnancy is confirmed now. You have entered into the second month of your pregnancy. This can be called as the second step of pregnancy. Proper care will be required at every single step. Here are pregnancy tips for 2nd month that you should know while you are in the second month of pregnancy.

Second month Pregnancy guide

1. You may announce your pregnancy now – In the very first month of pregnancy, you may hesitate to share it with others. But now you are used-to this, and your pregnancy is stable. This might be the right time to announce your pregnancy among your close friends and relatives. The risks involved such as having defects in pregnancy is usually decreased in the second month of pregnancy.

2. You can join baby clubs – One of the pregnancy tips for second month is joining baby clubs. You are still new to pregnancy. By joining baby clubs, you shall connect with mothers who are in the same month of their pregnancies as yours. This shall give you happiness as you would be able to find a companion; also, you will be able to get to know about various things about pregnancy from them. You may discuss problems and issues you are facing with them. They will understand what you are going through much better than anyone can.

3. A sensation of pricking or soreness in breasts – At the beginning of the second-month pregnancy, you may feel tingling or slight pain in your breasts due to increased blood supply. The nipples may darken and become more prominent due to increase in natural pigmentation. The milk ducts in your breasts start to swell for the preparation of lactation.

4. You can buy new maternity bras and underwears – Maternity bras are specially made for the pregnant women that offer them extra support. During pregnancy, the size of breasts goes up, and abdomen expands. So, you may need new bras and underwears. These will be comforting and yet one of the second month pregnancy tips. Tight bras and underwears should be avoided during pregnancy.

5. These food items should be avoided – Food items like unpasteurized milk, meat spreads, liver, alcohol, raw eggs, raw fish, soft cheese, processed meat, pre-stuffed birds (stuffed turnkey and other poultry if not cooked beyond 180 degrees), and cookie dough should be avoided from eating.

Unpasteurized milk contains pathogens, micro-organisms, salmonella and other harmful bacteria that can cause risk to your health. Meat spreads can be hazardous for the growth of the embryo as it contains Listeria. Liver contains retinol and may increase the risk of miscarriage. Alcohol consumption can result in birth defects. Raw or uncooked eggs increase the risk of salmonella infection that is again harmful to both. Sushi and peeled sea-fish have high mercury levels.  Cheese such as Brie, Roquefort and Camembert contains E. coli bacteria that can cause pregnancy complications. Processed meat is refrigerated and contain pathogens. You need to pay attention to the precautions during 2nd month of pregnancy. Therefore, take good care before eating anything so that you remain safe from bacteria, pathogens, and infections.

6. Drink more water – Drinking water has an important role to play in our body as it helps to flush out the toxins from our body and absorb essential nutrients from food. During the second month pregnancy, you may start drinking lots of water daily. Drink at least 1.5 liters water to decrease the risk of urinary infections. Drinking water will also help you to keep hydrated. So consuming more of water is one of the necessary health tips for second month of pregnancy.
Water intake should be more during day hours and less during evening and night hours. This is a way to reduce your frequent urination while you are sleeping at night.

7. Empty stomach? This is just the beginning of pregnancy. You need to understand that all the cells inside your body are helping the unborn to grow bigger and better. For the development of the foetus, you have to eat. An empty stomach could mean that the supply of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins have restricted. You need to cope with this. You can carry a bag full of healthy snacks with you. An empty stomach can also result in sickness. Foods like spinach, dry fruits, citrus fruits etc can be stuffed in your bag that you can carry with you everywhere, make sure that the snacks you eat hold some nutritive values.

8. Gentle exercises – You can start doing gentle exercises by now. Walking, dancing, slow aerobics, yoga, meditation, and swimming are easy exercises. Neck rotation, ankle rotation, thigh lift, shoulder rotation can also be exercised with slow movements. Kegel exercise during pregnancy will help to build and strengthen the muscles that support the bladder, uterus, and bowels. You can also take advice from your doctor to know what forms of exercises you should do.

9. Stretch marks are irreversible – Stretch marks during the second month of pregnancy shall start to appear. However, these are natural but irreversible as well. You need to take special care for it. As a 2nd month pregnancy advice, you can minimize these marks by using stretch marks bio-oils and creams. These products for curing stretch marks are safe to use and are specifically designed for pregnant women.

10. You can decide names for your baby – At this early stage of pregnancy, when you do not have to take that much pain, you can spend your time by deciding on the name and nick name for your baby. You may take suggestions from your family and relatives, friends, colleagues, books on baby names, and the internet. Even television serials and movies offer a new list of names.

11. Budgeting – Now you are a little familiar with pregnancy; you get a rough idea about how much finance you would need in future to raise your kid. You can frame out a budget plan using various tests and analysis like baby’s clothes, insurance, food and medications, education and other areas wherever the expenses or expenditure is needed. Take the help of your partner and share views about how you want to raise your kid and consent mutually.

12. Maintain a report of your weight – The weight of your body is one of the second month of pregnancy symptoms and another important factor to be considered during pregnancy. The body weight should be in accord with your pregnancy. Maintain a good weight. Build a proper weight strategy and consult your doctor on how much weight you can put on or lose; how much you need to eat and what to eat.

13. Hot baths? If the temperature in the saunas and hot tubs is more than your body temperature, you may avoid it because it can cause over-heating and ultimately hamper the development of the embryo. You can talk with your health care provider for more information. Special precautions during 2nd month of pregnancy should be taken regarding hot baths.

14. Share memories – Pregnant women are the happiest and charming. You need not stay alone all day at home. You can go out with your friends or relatives and spend some time outside. This will boast your mood. This will give you a chance to share your feelings with your close ones during pregnancy, be it fear or excitement.

15. Do not forget to take supplements – Folic acid is an essential food for pregnant ladies. Take the necessary amount of folic acid as it will help your baby in developing the brain and spinal cord. Other vital supplements on regular intervals shall also be taken to feed yourself and the embryo. 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid and vitamin B9 is required for pregnant women and it is a remarkable second month pregnancy advice. Ten micrograms of vitamin D will also help. These supplements should be taken after consulting your doctor.

16. Extra care with medication – One of the most important precautions to be taken during 2nd month of pregnancy is to pay extra attention to your medicines.
First, you should always check what medicine you are taking. Sometimes, in a hurry we take the wrong medicines, and the actual medicines are missed. Do not miss your medicines in carelessness.
Second, the medicines you are taking may come to their expiry dates. Check that too.
Third, during pregnancy, there are certain tablets and drugs that you need to avoid. Ask your doctor to recommend what medicines you should avoid.

17. Toxoplasmosis – a parasite – Toxoplasmosis is a situation caused by a parasite that is found in raw, uncooked meat, cat feces, and plant soil. This can damage the brain of the embryo if the pregnant woman gets infected by the parasite. Special precautions during 2nd month of pregnancy include the avoidance of contact with cat feces, cook meat properly, and wash the vegetables and fruit before eating them.

18. Various tests – You may need to undergo various tests, which may include common tests like blood test, urine test, ultrasound. Blood and urine tests will be undergone to check whether your body has any infection or disease.  Ultrasound will provide you a detail if there is any defect in the fetus. A pelvic examination will help to confirm the pregnancy.

19. Vaginal bleeding – During the second month pregnancy, vaginal bleeding may happen. 20-30 percent pregnant females experience vaginal bleeding. It can range from moderate to severe bleeding in the form of blood-dots. Implantation bleeding is normal as the implantation of the fertilized egg into uterus takes place. The vagina is more prone to bleeding after sexual intercourse as the vaginal walls become more sensitive during pregnancy. If you see anything wrong, talk to your doctor.

So, do not take pregnancy for granted. You are a future mother now. For a healthy child, you need to take proper care, medications, and tests on a regular basis to prevent any harm to you and your baby and be more careful regarding food to be taken during 2nd month of pregnancy. Talk to friends and relatives in case of hurdles to avoid problems and pregnancy complications.

Disclaimer: Make sure that this generic advice is good for you in all manners. All the suggestions, diet plans, and tests must be cross-checked with your doctor as they may vary based on your medical history or health conditions. Hence, it is advisable to consult a doctor before adhering to any of them.

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