10 Super Villains from Suicide Squad

With two movies lined up for next year DC is creating all the right kind of noises around the world. Batman and Superman are going to return in a mouthwatering slug fest. God versus man. Well, how can the devil remain far behind?
Our beloved Joker is having a comeback, the smile this time is on the face of mercurial Jared Leto. Naysayers are already out with their apocalyptic warnings, but, ain’t this the same douchebaggery we saw when a certain Heath Ledger was to don the smile.

I personally feel that Jared Leto is going to do a great job in upcoming Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer. Especially after the Nicholsonesque rant we see in the trailers. But, Suicide Squad is not only Joker, there are nine other super villains supposed to kick ass in this DC shared universe film.
So let us introduce you to all the master of crimes who are going to feature in the movie.

10 Super Villains from Suicide Squad

1. Amanda Waller
Played by Viola Davis in the move, Amanda Waller is an atypical anti-hero, who is also the chief architect of Suicide Squad. She is like the Nick Fury of Suicide Squad only few shades darker and with more hidden agendas, Fury could ever muster.

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The character first appeared in Legends#1 in 1986 and has played an accomplice to various superheroes in DC Universe. She is portrayed as the ruthless Government official who does not hesitate to break a few eggs to make the omelette called ‘the greater good’. Hence, the team of deadly prolific supervillains aptly named Suicide Squad.
She controls all the missions of Suicide Squad and tries to keep them on a leash. She succeeds, well not every time!

2. Deadshot
Portrayed by Will Smith, Deadshot is an alias for Floyd Lawton. As, the name suggests our guy is the deadliest marksman around. First appearing in Batman#59 Deadshot played a second rate Batman villain for decades until DC promoted him to anti-hero status and inducted him into Suicide Squad and Secret Six.

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The man, who never claims to miss, was a rich young vigilante who attempted to replace Bruce Wayne as Gotham’s Dark Knight all the while planning to become its numero uno Mafioso. After being exposed by Batman he donned his red jumpsuit and metal face plate and became a hired assassin. The best in the world, when it came to bullets. In addition, yes the ultimate dream of our troubled assassin is to die in a spectacular fashion.

3. Harley Quinn
The fact that she is Joker’s girlfriend and sidekick makes her enigmatic with extra topping of sass. And, that she herself is an explosive deranged criminal makes it extra crispy. Apart from her famous beau she has Poison Ivy as her BFF, by whose grace she is immune to poisons and toxins.

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Unlike other characters she did not start in comics but in the Batman- The animated series. Dr. Harleen Quinzel, M.D. was interning at Arkham asylum when she hopelessly falls in love with Joker. Well, the sparks were bound to fly. So, Harleen Quinzel dons dancer costume, becomes Harley Quinn and goes out into the world to ‘Bonnie and Clyde’.
She is described as extremely strong and agile and has a murderous streak inside her which surfaces now and then.

4. Rick Flag
Joel Kinnaman was chosen to play the Filed leader of the squad, after Tom Hardy passed on the role. Rick Flag is a character which exists in incarnation. There are three Rick flags, the father, the son and the grandson.

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He is a government agent and not a supervillain, though he has his own issues. Issues are imperative when you are leading a bunch of supercharged crazy!

5. Enchantress
Freelance artist June Moon is given magical powers by a powerful magical being in a costume party, to fight monsters. The Adventure Comics monster-hunter who first appeared in Strange Adventures#87 in 1966 is being played by Cara Delevigne in the film.

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When Adventure Comics became a part of DC, the character appeared in a different avatar in 1981. This time her black haired alter ego was a loony uncontrolled sorceress who was fighting Supergirl.
She joined Suicide Squad in return for aid to control her inner Sauron. Her power includes teleportation and healing capabilities among others.

6. Captain Boomerang
Captain Boomerang was a two bit villain who appeared in flash comics until he was given a place among the greats in Suicide Squad. He is the dishonor among thieves, a character too screwed up to be a dysfunctional member of even the most crazed-ass people in world.

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He is described as cowardly and irresponsible. He is also blatantly racist and and put the lives of many squad members in fix numerous times over the years. No wonder Amanda Waller likes to call him “a jerk”.

7. Killer Croc
Killer Croc whose real name is Waylon James, belongs to Batman’s rouges gallery and first appared in batman #357, the same comics where Jason Todd assumes the mantle of Robin.

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The kid termed as’ Reptilian freak’ by his aunt, grows up to be a supervillain with scaly skin and amazing powers and serious anger-management issues. Croc’s aim is in life is to become the overlord of Gotham crime scene.
The character of Croc is shown to waddle between human and extremely animalistic. The role will be played in movie by Adewale Akkinuoye-Agbaje.

8. Katana
Tatsu Yamashiro was an average Japanese girl, except for being a brilliant martial artist.  She became Katana to avenge her children and husband who were killed by Yakuza.

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Katana is actually a DC superhero, part of outsider series, occasional ally of Batman and Arrow, and even a member of justice league. It would be interesting to see what this eminent martial artist and swordswoman is doing with the Squad.
By the way, her sword is named Soultaker, which captures the soul of people it kills. The role will be played by Karen Fukuhara in the movie.

9. El Diablo
El Diablo is the name given to series of characters in DC universe. The first diablo, Lazarus Lane was a vigilante who slowly came to be written as a villain.

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The most possible candidate for the movie’s Diablo would be Chtlo Santana. A gangster turned Master Arsonist, who carries Lane’s soul inside him.
He is being played by Jay Hernandez in the movie.

10. Slipknot
Slipknot as the name suggests, is a rope expert who first appeared as a villain in Firestorm series and was sent to jail after a failed assassination plan.

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He has various chemical formulas for super-strong durable ropes he uses to strangle people.
He is being played by Adam Beach in the movie.

Apart from the squad, Jared Leto plays The Joker (He is incidentally comic books’ greatest villain ever) and he looks memorable.

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We have no idea what Joker is doing in the flick as he has never been a member of squad (Gods of Comic Books, please let him be the main antagonist). Ben Affleck will probably appear as Batman in special appearance.

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