What foreigners think about India(ns)

Along with the rich culture, delectable food and gargantuan population comes disgust and misconceptions of foreigners regarding Indians. Here are a few things that foreigners think about Indians:

What foreigners thinks about India(ns)

1. Everything Indians eat is spicy: The Myth: Uhhhh! Indians are known for their love of spicy food. Foreigners often think that every item on the Indian cuisine is soul biting and can cause anguish to the palate. They can amalgamate any food with aromatic or rancorous flavorings.

The Truth: Not every Indian has a spicy taste bud. Contemporary India being highly health conscious also likes to eat non-oily, less spicy and even what the west eats. India being a land of mix culture in fact has a mix taste. Though, a true Indian would love to indulge in hot spicy food. However, every Indian food is not spicy.

2. Uncomfortably inquisitive: The Myth: American or Australian! Indians just can’t help looking at foreigners, no matter how modern or educated they are. The reason for such uneasy curiosity has remained a mystery.10KeyThings-Indians-looking-at-Foreigner What foreigners think about India(ns)

The Truth: Not that the Indians consider foreigners aliens from the other planet. The curiosity to look at them is a mix feeling helpful Indians have by birth. “Do they need help? Which country is she from? Where does he want to go?”

3. Too orthodox: The Myth: The censoring on Western movies’ content, the general perception of disparaging short clothes and complicated relationships has failed to identify its relevance and deemed as hypocritical by foreigners. 3.-Grey What foreigners think about India(ns)

The Truth: Not that the Indians does not want to watch and show everything the western movies showcase. Not every Indian hates to wear short. It is just the Indian culture which the people still want to stay intact to. A large section of the society does enjoy the freedom of wearing short.

4. Religious fundamentalism: The Myth: Fasting on Mondays and vegetarian food on Thursdays are common and silly. Strange regulations in the name of religion have a nasty presence. 4.-Religious What foreigners think about India(ns)

The Truth: Every Indian does not religiously follow fasting. It is the choice an individual has. Moreover, fasting has been scientifically proven good for human body, which Indians follow in the name of religion.

5. Sex is a taboo: The Myth: With the second largest population and a mammoth sized rate of prostitution; Indians still have issues with consensual relationships. 5.-Taboo What foreigners think about India(ns)

The Truth: Contemporary India has a different mindset compared to traditional India. Hence, not every Indian considers sex a taboo.

6. Intelligent and hard-working: The Myth: All work and no play! Though the country that discovered zero has a multitude of brilliant doctors, engineers and managers marking their awe-inspiring presence around the globe, for Indians it is only work and no party. 6.-Hardwork What foreigners think about India(ns)

The Truth: It is true that Indians are hard-working bunch of people. But, that does not mean that Indians don’t play & party. Even Indian follow – work hard, party harder.

7. Painfully gradual law and order: The Myth: With a perpetually unhurried legislation and habitual crime, bribery, and indecent criminal activities are ubiquitous. 7.-law What foreigners think about India(ns)

The Truth: To fight the painful law and order, there are measures which are being taken to make the process smoother.

8. Agonizingly dirty: The Myth: Right from open defecation to unhygienic monuments or public places, India has one of the worst waste management systems, with almost all ignorant citizens residing there. 8.-dirty What foreigners think about India(ns)

The Truth: As much as the foreigners, Indians are too concerned about the cleanliness of the country. Therefore, the world witnessed active participation of mass Indians in – Clean India Mission.

9. Difficult exams and bad administration: The Myth: Indian civil services and IIT exams being counted as one of the toughest exams to crack are unsuccessful in producing a larger number of students of global stature or control rampant corruption. 9.-exams What foreigners think about India(ns)

The Truth: Difficult exam and strict selection procedure gives right officers. Indian administration is not in favor of taking in masses or professionals with below average IQ.

10. The best one..India eats with hands: The Myth: Eating or washing! Using hands is a pride. 10.-food What foreigners think about India(ns)The Truth: The fact is that Indians believe that according to vedic wisdom, eating with hands not only feeds the body but your spirit and mind too.

11. All Indians are black: The Myth:  All Indians have a wheatish or black complexion. The climatic conditions and food habits are the two major reasons.11.-aishwarya What foreigners think about India(ns)

The Truth: Every Indian is not born with dark complexion. Northern part of India has fair complexion people. Extreme north region covering Jammu & Kashmir has beautiful white complexion people.

12. All Indians stink and they do not care: The Myth: The weather conditions and work situations leads to all Indians sweat and stink. Knowing that, that’s how it has always been and it will be, Indians don’t care about it. 12.-stink What foreigners think about India(ns)

The Truth: Not that the Indians like themselves that way. There are extreme unavoidable conditions when one cannot do anything about it. Most Indians don’t stink. India has a large market of fragrance products that are equally doing well like the west.

Irrespective of the above mentioned beguiling facts and their misconstructions, Indians are considered as one of the most pleasant and happy communities around the world. The communal riots and sectarianism hasn’t affected the world’s largest democracy.


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