10 Key Things about Miami, USA

Miami. The Disneyland of Party Animals.

It’s loud, it’s vibrant, it’s colorful and it’s the place to be for some fun in the sun. Full of glamour and host to an energetic party scene that literally never ends, Miami is like a different world altogether.

1. History of Miami

The region of Miami has been occupied over the centuries by indigenous cultures; the story began about 10,000 BCE during the last stage of the Ice age. Since then this area had been continuously occupied by the Tequesta until the Europeans colonised it.

In 1556 it was claimed by Spain, but later on the area was controlled by Britain and then finally US in 1821. By 1836 US made attempts to suppress and remove the Seminole, a tribe native to Florida. It is here that the Second Seminole War took place.

Interestingly, it is one of the only cities in US to be founded by a woman – Julia Tuttle.

2. Night Life in Miami

The night scene of this city is one of the most happening places to be, with party, dance, music and all around fun, you’ll never even realize that the night is already over.

If you want the upscale party scene with celebrities and popular faces around, head down to any of the south beaches or clubs. Hot music and an even hotter crowd, the hangover would be worth it.

10-Key-Things-Miami-Night-Life-Ocean-Drive-1024x682 10 Key Things about Miami, USAIf you’re looking for something more intimate, then the live jazz music is something you really shouldn’t miss. Bars, Latin music, hip-hop and even some Indie rock, music lovers you’re in heaven.

The northern stretch of Miami Beach is quieter to the south but just as beautiful, there are sidewalk cafes and plenty of fast food restaurants around here to go. Go, play some volleyball and then gorge yourself on a midnight snack.

3. Safety in Miami

It boasts some of the best nightlife in the world. To make sure you enjoy your night, these basic precautions should be taken. Never leave a drink unattended or accept drinks from a stranger, do not walk back at night alone especially if you’re drunk, take a taxi. Stay in a group and stay in well lit areas. When on the beach do not carry too much cash or valuables, theft and crime can happen anywhere. In case of an emergency immediately call the police. Take basic precautions and keep your wits about you and you’ll be fine.

4. Living Expenses in Miami

Miami is about 70% less expensive than New York, but still ranks as one of the costliest cities in the US.

The average rent for 1 bedroom apartment in a good area can cost around $1880 a month and that of a 3 bedroom apartment can go from $3000 to even $4000.

Price per Square Feet to Buy Apartment in City Centre is $477.64 on an average.

Budget hotels can cost up to $100 whereas a classic suite in a luxury hotel can cost $1500 a night.

5. Cuisines of Miami

Fan of coffee? Then ditch Starbucks and try the local Cuban coffee in the La Carreta, for your morning fix. You will not regret it. It’s sweet, it’s creamy and it’s caramelly.

You also should not miss the chocolate almond croissant. Apart from this try the Cuban sandwich, and a variety of other cheesy gooey sandwiches which are definitely not healthy but so freaking delicious. The seafood here also offers a lot of variety.

Who doesn’t love a big cone of ice cream on a hot summer day? This city has so many ice cream parlors offering so many flavours, you’ll be confused which one to try first.

This city does not lack in the all American fast food department. Diverse cuisines with a twist, food here is always good.

6. Statistics of Miami

Miami is the 7th largest city in the US and has become popular as the “Capital of Latin America”. The city also owns the title of being richest in the whole country. Having a population of more than 400,000 the city spreads to an area of 143.1 sq. km with and an urban area of 2,891 sq. km and metropolitan area of 15,890 sq. km.

Spanish is the predominant language and has replaced English in daily life with Christianity as the prevalent religion in the city.

Miami is the 42nd-most populous city in the United States with a population density of 4,299.6 per sq. km

7. Public Transport in Miami

Miami International Airport is one of the busiest in the world and caters to over 30 million passengers in a year. The city is also home to one of the largest port in the US – PortMiami.

10-Key-Things-Transport-Trolley-Miami-1024x768 10 Key Things about Miami, USAPublic transportation in Miami includes The Metrobus and The Metrorail both connecting the south beaches to downtown Miami. Another way to get around downtown Miami is the Metromover which is free of cost.

In recent years the city government has undertaken an initiative to promote bicycling in this city as recreation and for commuting.

Pollution in Miami: The pollution level in Miami is moderate however people with asthma should exercise caution. The Particulate Matter – PM 2.5 levels in Miami has been 57 in comparison to Delhi’s 180.

8. Weather of Miami

Miami has a tropical monsoon climate with short warm winters and hot, humid summers. The city receives high rainfall with an annual precipitation of 1,570 mm. Hurricane season runs from June through early December.

Summer: May to August. Average low: 24 degrees C. Average high: 31 degrees C.

Monsoon: September to November. Average low: 22 degrees C. Average high: 29 degrees C.

Winter: December to February. Average low: 16 degrees C. Average high: 24 degrees C.

Spring: March to April. Average low: 20 degrees C. Average high: 27 degrees C.

The best time to visit would be between December to March. The locals dub it as the peak of tourist season.

9. Culture of Miami

Miami is home to many entertainment venues, theaters, museums, parks and performing arts centers. One of the premier art exhibitions in the world, Art Basel occurs in Miami Beach each December. Miami theatre is also something to look out for. The main attraction however would be the music of this city. Live music all night long is kind of a specialty of the city.

Miami is also home to many gay bars and has gay specific events. The city is pro LGBT, and has shown support to them by organising events and parties.

The city hosts several well-known festivals, including the Calle Ocho Festival, Cultural Fridays/Viernes Culturales and the Three Kings Parade. Full of life night and day, the city, food and lifestyle, all have been influenced by immigrants from Cuba and other parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, leading to a rich cultural heritage.

10. Places to visit in Miami

Things to do in Miami: Party in the south beaches; go for a midnight stroll in any of the north beaches, go surfing, play ball, get a tan, enjoys the scenic beauty of the white sand and blue water. Visit the dynamic performing arts and dance scenes – ballet, salsa or some Cuban dance. Take a tour to Miami’s historic Lyric theatre or go to the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami for concert or a Broadway style play.

10-Key-Things-Miami-Beach-1024x630 10 Key Things about Miami, USAThings to do for Kids in Miami: Everglades National Park is the third largest National Park in the whole of US and should be not missed, go down to the Pinecrest gardens which includes a petting zoo and Splash ‘N’ Play water playground. The Miami Children’s Museum offers hands-on experience for kids, whereas the Biscayne National Park offers you the chance to see dolphins swimming along the shore.

Museums and Galleries: Miami has a wealth of museums to visit be it the Pérez Art Museum (probably one of the most important museums in Miami) or the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science which features an indoor-outdoor Living Core Aquarium. For a glimpse into Haitian culture the Haitian Heritage Museum is the place to be. The city also does not lack in dynamic art and culture. The thriving art galleries are a must as there are always exciting new exhibitions opening here. Gallery Diet, Robert Fontaine Gallery, Fredric Snitzer Gallery and Dina Mitrani Gallery are just some of the many you can visit.

10-Key-Things-Chapel-Miami-1024x768 10 Key Things about Miami, USAPlaces Nearby: Hollywood, Florida is merely 20 mins away from Miami but unfortunately this Hollywood is not the home to the biggest film industry. Still, this city like Miami has many, many beaches, and passing time there won’t be a problem.

Offbeat Places: Coconut Grove, Scotty’s Landing, the coral castle and Matheson Hammock State park are some of the less popular places which are equally enjoyable.

Author’s Conclusion: Miami is full of energy and life; it’s a dazzling and exciting experience, for anyone who comes to this city. The people here are peppy and friendly. This is the city to be to have your shine on; amazing food, nightlife, and shopping, the day here is just the beginning.

Country United States of America
City Miami
Area 143.1 sq. km
Population 417,650 (according to 2013 census)
Demonym Miamian
Languages Spanish, English, French Creole
Currency USD
Time Zone Eastern Standard Time (UTC – 5)
Driving Right Hand Traffic, Left Hand Drive vehicles
Helpline Emergency – 911

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