15 Astonishing ways to Conquer your Fears

Feeling scared? Of what? Your Schoolmates? Your Class teacher? Your job? Any particular feeling? Your Enemies? Height? The reality of life? Fear of failure? Or something else, maybe?

The thing is, you feel scared because of the harsh reality of life. Everyone has his/her own intimate fears; fears which remain in the jungle of their minds, ready to prance at any given moment.

Undoubtedly, any kind of fears make you weak. Here, we present the answer to that very question “how to overcome my fears” that has been lurking inside your mind for ages without any viable answer to support you. Scroll down slowly and learn about the ways to tackle the demons of your mind.

1. Analyze – The very first thing that you need to do is to analyze your fears. They may be scary as hell; the kind that gives you goose bumps, or be so stupid that they shall make a child laugh out loud; there is nothing to be ashamed off. Write them down and then focus. Analyzing your fears will give you enough room to think whether they are worth fearing or not.

2. The even approach – This approach suggests asking yourselves the question that should’ve been answered the moment you set your foot on the wrong boat, “What’s the worst that could happen?”
Knowing the results of your frights will probably land your feet on the ground where you may get more comfortable with the facts. You shall become more attached towards reality and secluded from your fears.

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3. The Adrenalin effect – Emotions such as the fear of dark or the fear of height, pounding of heart, perspiring of palms, confusion, panic among other such feelings are nothing but a result of the adrenalin. To soothe yourself, try to distract your mind by engaging in activities that pleases you. It may seem hard to digest but this actually helps; taking off your mind from things that disturb you surely helps!

4. Face it boldly – Face your fears. I know this may sound absurd to you, but this is one way that shall end your fear once and for all. It may seem like too much of bravery gig, which asks for too much risk from your part; but the fact is, this risk is totally worth it. Give it a shot! Facing your fear will make you stronger.

5. Reality versus imagination – This is the real game. You need to choose which side you fall on – the reality or imagination. If you set your mind in reality, you will conquer like a warrior; winning or losing doesn’t matter. However, if you dwell in the web of your imaginations, the fear will surround you; with no escape routes. Choose wisely.

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6. Take control of your life – Life will challenge you at every point of time. You will be put into irksome situations where you may have to encounter your fears. You may back down or face your fears boldly; it totally comes down to the choices you make. Either you control your fear, or your fear controls you. Fears may try to intimidate you until you accept that they exist; learn to let go and you shall never have to worry again. As every good thing ends so shall every bad thing! Just do not let your fears control you.

7. Imperfection – Your fears start to take shape when you start questioning the reality of life. Learn to live with imperfection; nobody’s perfect. Understand and accept this imperfection. Know that everyone has its own fears; you are not the only one. When you instill this habit in yourself, you shall see that your fears start to fade away.

8. Change the way you think – It is all about the way you think. Try to be positive. A negative mindset is a home where fears grow. Do not let them grow. Kick them out of your mind. Keep calm at all times and learn to face your demons. You are stronger than they are; you are real while they are not. Think about that.

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9. Know that you “can” overcome it – Always have faith in yourselves. Remember that there is no power that has the ability to threaten you unless and until you let it to do so. Trust yourself and have hope. Fears do not cross those minds where peace exists.

10. The Basics – Lack of sleep, imbalanced diet, and a deficient social circle may lead to a secret life. The secret life may haunt you with the pace of time. Try to change your bad routines and engage yourself in healthy habits. Have adequate social groups so that you shall remain calm and fearless; and most importantly, yourself.

11. AWARE technique

A  – Accept it
W – Watch it
A  – Act normally
R  – Repeat the above
E  – Expect the best

You get the idea. No explanation needed.

12. Talk – When you share your feelings with others, your mind may try to mirror the suggestions that others give you and may soon develop a new strategy to see and analyze the fears. Therefore, you shall feel more relaxed and more confident once you speak it all out.

13. Therapies – Various therapies may help you overcome your fears. Getting a massage, soaking in a sun bath or a hot bath, long drives, adventures, hanging out with someone, having lunch or dinner date, reading books, dancing, going to a club, watching a good movie, performing yoga and meditation are various forms of relaxing and may help in diverting your mind.

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14. Fears are just fears – Understand that your fears are inferior to you; they are no match to your power. Fears are just fears, and they are not something to be afraid of. Try to live with them with your eyes wide open. You will develop a habit soon, and these will no longer be your fears but funny buddies who once used to play dirty pranks on you!

15. Collide with failure – If you try to overcome your fears and fail, think of it as the first try. There is no such rule that suggests winning is necessary every time; trying is what matters. Unless you fall, you never can know what rising means. Try again and again and you will accomplish it for sure.

Make your fears a source of energy; an energy that would motivate you, inspire you. Learn to live in reality, rather than in its shade. Accept your fears and then yourself and you shall soon be a new man – strong, confident and most importantly, without any fear.

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