Mom, Dad, you mean the world! Making your parents feel Special

God could not be present everywhere. So he created parents.

Alice was told to write an article about her parents and how to keep them happy. Little did anyone know that she had recently lost one of them! Yet when the teacher’s evaluation was announced, she was the one to top in her class. Reason? She exactly knew what the value of a parent was and what she could have done to make her dead ones happy during their lifetime.

She realized their value after losing one of them. But you don’t have to go through the same. Hopefully, you must have realized that your parents are not going to be with you forever, so before you run out of opportunities, give them their share of happiness. The happiness that they deserve. The happiness that they want.

Here are some ways by which you can instantly make your parents pleased and proud of you. Of course, topping in class and getting a good job will always beat the rest, but today let me show it to you from a different perspective.

1. Respect – Okay folks, so touching the feet of your parents (according to Indian standards), or buying them expensive gifts alone does not show your respect. Come on! It is parents we are talking about here. They need to be revealed that they are respected. Follow their words, stick to their instructions, and don’t argue over trifle matters. Lo and behold! You just cherished them!

family-932245_1920-4 Mom, Dad, you mean the world! Making your parents feel Special2. Something special – So let me be very clear about what I mean by ‘special’. No, it is not gifting them a thousand dollars gift. Yeah in some cases it might be, but no we are not talking about that, at least not here. Give them a break and do some household chore. Ask them, mind you, you have to actually request them to rest. Trust me, words add to the impact of the gesture. If you are an earning person, yet prefer to live with your parents, contribute to the household expenses. These seemingly trivial matters are the ones that actually make the difference. Image Source

3. Don’t feel ashamed – Mike used to get very pissed off with his mom because she did not know how to use a smartphone. Due to this, his friends always used to mock at him. He used to, in turn shout at her for being so ‘stupid’.
Okay, this is quite common. Sometimes parents do act in a way that you might feel embarrassed due to them. Maybe they don’t know about the latest trends or maybe they are not very adaptive to the changes cropping up each year. But that is no defense for you to be ashamed of them. Don’t you realize there was a time when your menial tasks were done by them no matter who was around? So if they never felt even a tinge of shame, who are you to do that? If someone tells you something, or if your parents are not well-versed with the latest definitions of coolness, relax! Feel proud of who they are rather than ashamed of who they are not.

4. Respect and acknowledge sacrifices – One universal fact about parents is, they all sacrifice. Whether it about buying you chocolate while sacrificing their hunger, or about planning a grand birthday for you rather than buying themselves their favorite watch. When a toddler, I definitely don’t expect you to realize that, but as you grow up and see the signs of it, take a step forward and ask them to spend on their needs. They will instantly abound with happiness.

5. Spend time – Visit them! Be it Thanksgiving or Christmas. One hour away from work won’t hamper your job much, but yeah it will definitely give your parents the time of their lives. Sing, dance, watch old family videos together, or anything. Just make sure to give them some moments of your life.

10KeyThings-Spend-time Mom, Dad, you mean the world! Making your parents feel SpecialImage Source

6. Support – Let’s be clear. Everyone desires emotional support at one point or another. When you were a kid and that tall, strongly built guy in your class used to bully you, you used to run to your parents for support. They used to travel all the way just to talk to your teacher and that child so that you could live peacefully without any fear.
So why not return the favor? There are times when your parents need to confide in someone. Be their listener. Sometimes simply listening can work wonders.

7. Take up responsibilities – Drop their mails. Get the grocery. Clean up the house. Arrange your wardrobe. Be responsible for your own sh*t!

8. Surprise them – Not by marrying the person next door! But by making them feel special. Bake a cake on their birthday or anniversary or mother’s day and father’s day. Draw a card from them. Anything. That comes just from you. Your efforts alone will give them a lot of happiness.

10KeyThings-Surprise-your-parents Mom, Dad, you mean the world! Making your parents feel SpecialImage Source

9. Be good and do the right thing – Getting locked up in the jail is certainly not what any parent dreams of for their child. So, work well. Do what is good. Never indulge in any heinous crime or wrong activity. Steer clear of rogue guys. Do what is right. Be helpful. Thus, when the society speaks well of you, you have no idea the leaps and bounds of your folks’ happiness.

10. Apologize! – A sincere apology is all it takes! No matter how much you hurt them, one sorry, and they will forgive you for everything you have done.

So what is it that is holding you, friends? Get up and show your parents how much you love them. You don’t need to reach the stars or moon to prove that, you know. Just a simple ‘love you’ will work wonders. Don’t believe me? Try it out!

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