10 distinct types of Friends

Out of billions of people existing on the face of Earth today, we all have some people whom we could share our world with! These countless (okay, countable) number of people whom we could rely on, have fun spending time with, gossip with, till our throats go numb, and hangout all the while we can; these people that we call friends, are the ones responsible for keeping up the distinct smile on our faces in their own little ways. We all share a unique bond with these friends, a bond greater than trust and love, a bond that we call as “friendship” which is in the true sense of the word, “special.” Let’s take a look at ten of such friends whom we most probably, during some point of our lives, strike a special bond with.

1. The Bestie – The most important member of your friend list; the bestie is none other than your best friends. This is the guy/gal who knows you head-to-toe; from inside-out and still loves you no matter what. You have been sticking with your bestie since time immemorial and still crave for more. You share anything and everything with this guy/gal; from your latest crush to the latest guy/gal who crushed your heart, from the latest episode of “The Big Bang Theory” to the latest episode of your own life; your best friend knows about every shitty thing that you have done or are about to do for they have been with you during all those times!

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2. The Intelligent git – Possibly the smart ass of the whole school or college or neighborhood or city or country or world, doesn’t matter; this person is the reason why your “good” marks turn up bad in front of your parents and teachers alike. He/she is so smart, he could make Sheldon shy away (just kidding; that ain’t possible!). In simple words, this guy/gal is the reason why your home work as well class work is up-to-date and that you get out of your teacher’s hands when caught doing something nasty for he/she is capable of saving your ass! Some git, I tell you!

3. The Funny asshole – The dude of the house; this funny man/woman keeps the spirits up and gives everyone a hearty laugh largely due to the failure of his pranks or jokes than actually making everyone laugh for the reason intended. Easily the most lovable and the hated person of the group, largely owing to the funny antics (pun intended), this guy/gal lights up the mood almost all the time. You may find him/her annoying at times, but it’s all in good taste; you can never be mad at such a dude! The life of the party, you miss them whenever he/she ain’t around.

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4. The Rich brat – Without doubt, the best friend when it comes to buying you food or comics or the latest issue of *cough* magazine or anything you would want or love to have; you look up to this guy/gal for their love and you love them and I mean it! This guy/gal maybe richer than the entire group combined, but the hush-bush of the group brings him down to the same level! The guy/gal is significantly good natured when compared to the rich gits that one may find in movies or otherwise. A keeper, he/she is, in the true sense of the word.

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5. The Foreign acquaintance – Your international friend! There is always this one friend who is either not from your locales or sometimes doesn’t look like one of the locals (stuff happens!) and you have the pleasure of disgracing him/her every time you meet (talk about being racist!). This guy/gal is really sweet inside (or else how do you consider they’d be coping with the racist shit!) and you would love them no matter what. In fact, this gentleman provides international accreditation to your group (in a way, at least!).

6. The Adventure freak – The voyager of the group, always looking for one quest or another; this guy/gal is the one responsible for you spending so little time at your house and more time outside! Time and again you could hear the horn of this guy’s/gal’s bike or car out your door; they are always “ready” for the next adventure! Effortlessly, the “plan-maker” or the “event manager” of the group, this guy is mainly responsible for all your movie hangouts or theme park hangouts or simply, all hangouts!

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7. The Ladies man – Sorry ladies but this is for the Casanova of the house; this is the guy who’ll make you shout out loud, “Who let the dog’s out …” and they still won’t give a shit about it! “The Player” as they liked to be called these days, this dude is always on with the ladies. You’d always know where to look for him for he is either with the girl-friends of your group or on the internet (if you know what I mean!). Not bad at heart either; they have a special place for failed relationships in their heart for they just couldn’t settle for one! Keep a watch out, ladies, here comes, The Player!

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8. The Quiet one – Always some weird people out there, I tell you; there is always this very person in the group who doesn’t speak much or not at all at times. You barely hear them speak yet they somehow convey what they want to say; don’t know how, they just do it! They are masters in their art of keeping quiet and feel quite composed; neither too smart nor too dull, they like to keep shush at every matter. One noteworthy thing about them though; they are stupendous players when it comes to indoor games or sometimes outdoor games as well! Some strange people, they are; great, no matter what!

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9. The Acquaintance – A special mention in the list, this one; you see this guy/gal almost everywhere you go to, pass smiles and an awkward exchange of “hi’s and hello’s,” a couple of times here and there, but you both barely know each other for you never speak otherwise. You share a different, strange kind of bond with this person which you may not want to but share anyhow (because deep inside you like him/her, idiot; just kidding). Your “hi-hi” buddy; you always feel a special dignity for them in your hearts for you miss them if you fail to catch a glimpse of them somehow. Special bonds, I tell you!

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10. The Advice guru – “Mind is the master of the body …” probably one of their guiding principles, who knows! This guy/gal is the sage of the group; when in trouble or any rush, you seek this guy’s/gal’s advice for they always work for you and apparently everyone who look up to them. They may not be intelligent of that sort but are pretty deep thinkers, to say the least for they have solutions to almost any problem that you throw at them! Talk about astrology and shit like that!

Some friends are stranger than fiction for they are, truly unreal. Some bonds that we make may last a lifetime while some may just end abruptly. We never know what’s going to happen but we know one thing for sure, friends are, indeed special creatures – one of a kind; and while some may not mean much to us when compared to the other, we always hold a special place for each and every one of them.

So, what do you think? Have you already met all these friends? Or are you still in the lookout? Keep us posted for we’d love to hear your experiences. Ciao!

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