10 kinds of People you Commute with everyday

People! Loads of them, everywhere! Especially in the public transit! There is nothing more “pleasant” (excuse me!) than witnessing hoards of people lying all over in a public transit like – metro, bus, train or whatever; there are always certain categories into which you could divide these wary travelers into, based on their “antics”. Let us explore some of the amusing ones:

1. The Music lover – Music is to soul as beauty is to life; these people are not only found in public transits, but feature on a more profound basis in every bleak and shiny corner of the world. They carry along with them the “don’t care about nothing” kind of attitude and are deep sunk into the big boggle heads reaching the sides of their head and onto their ears. They have the “swag,” you know (just kidding). Don’t ever ask the brand of their gear or they’ll surely put you up for sale! 😉

2. The Sleeping beauty – These people are legends, I tell you! In a world, where people yearn for comfortable mattresses, ranging from waterbeds to cushions and stuff; such people defy all odds and succumb to their sleep even in the most difficult of terrains! From a fellow passenger’s shoulder to the pole in a metro; they can sleep almost anywhere and everywhere. They don’t have any kind of nagging feeling or worries to call their own; they just took birth on this noble land to fulfill their dreams; guess, they took it quite literally!

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3. The Adhesive kind – God forbid these kinds! They are a menace to the world, to the community, to the whole wide world; and still continue to live on their lives in the most proficient of ways as if they did nothing wrong. I am talking about those people who find space in the most dingy and congested of places. They will keep on pushing the crowd unless and until they too are part of the big human sandwich! And what more? They feel proud about it! Please refrain from such people and try and maintain as much distance from them as possible (though that’s highly unlikely, alas!).

4. The Bookworm – Such people actually intrigue me rather inspire me. They just don’t care about the damn world and keep on immersing themselves in the virtual world, growing ever more attached to it while ignoring the darn world! They lurk in a corner or two and stay as far away from the people as possible; in fact, sometimes people try and abstain themselves from such kind so as to not disturb them! Lucky bastards (mind my language! Sorry!).

5. The “Talk it out loud” kind – From “I love you baby!” to “I have a surgery tomorrow,” there are these people who just love attention! They don’t care about the place or the time; all they want to do is talk it out loud! They seem like wanting to share every intimate and delicate detail with the people in the transit as if they were family (Thank you for so much respect!) but what they don’t understand is that nobody just cares! No one likes a guy talking out loud about the boxers that he wore the wrong side up! All we, as fellow passengers, want is peace of mind and desolation from the “details” of the world!

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6. The Teens – From sharing group hugs to chatting out loud; these are of the many smart people travelling onboard. Sometimes they talk great stuff while sometimes they can get total nonsensical!  Selfies, songs, latest tech phones to even complex devices; they got it all. They just want to have a good time and don’t think much about what other people think or what they would say. They have their answers ready for anything and everything! Nice generation in the making, right?

7. The Sick league – “My wife/child is carrying a contagious bug that may even kill you; please let him take a seat such that other people become sick too and I can rule the Goddamn World! Hahahahaha!” Such people truly are sensational. If you were so darn sick why take the public transit, in the first place! These people inflict damage on other people in a hope to take over the world; they are the real life villains in the true sense of the word! Beware! (Don’t take that seriously!)

8. The Corporate – Such people are so dedicated to their work that they are busy staring at their laptop screens while others can just watch and learn! They are like those aliens from outer space that are being stared at most of the time due to the fancy gadgets they hold in possession. They are indeed, a class apart from the crowd and with their ties clenched tight and sleeves folded neatly; move forward to save the millions of people counting on them!

9. The “I don’t care who you are, but I want to know what you are doing” kind – God has a special place in hell for these people. They are, in one word, irritating! They will keep bothering you with useless questions or start invading your personal lives until you are fed up and call the special ops to take them down! They can be anywhere! They are like a chameleon; they blend into their surroundings and strike at the right time and try to suck the life out of you! Beware!

10. The Absolute nothing – Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Such people don’t know where they are going; what they want; what is the purpose of their life; but just keep on hanging there or lie on a seat and just keep on waiting. Waiting for, I don’t know! Unicorns, maybe! If they have nothing else to do they would just keep on staring and scare the shit out of you! These people are secretly dangerous. They might be some agents or simply spies sent by the secret agencies to spy on you. Take care!

So, all in all, there are people, who, in all their might, are different from one another. Looks may deceive and it is up to you to judge each and every one of them as they come. And to face all such people with solidarity, I wish you “Best of Luck! May God have mercy on your soul!”

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