What’s my color, man? Wardrobe rules for men

Looking good is not a women’s domain exclusively. Today even men want to dress up, wear stylish clothes, and follow the latest fashion trends. Men have become more aware and conscious of their looks and the way they dress up. The Male clothing industry has gone into a 360 degree turn around. There are experts and professional fashion designers who take immense care and spend time in designing men clothing’s. Style is all about comfort and how you carry your clothes. It’s more of a reflection of your personality rather than the brand you wear.10KeyThings-Wardrobe-Red-Color-Suit What's my color, man? Wardrobe rules for men

The art of dressing up and looking suave is more about the proper color coordination. To have a classy and an envious wardrobe, there are certain wardrobe color rules which all men must follow.

1. Red – Red is a color of anger. Men who wear BRIGHT RED send out aggressive signals. Study leader Rob Barton, Professor in Evolutionary Anthropology at Durham University, said red often signals aggression in animals – and the tendency for men to turn red-faced when they are angry is believed to be inherited from our ancient ancestors as a warning sign. Hence, you must avoid wearing RED from head to toe. Source    Image Source

2. White – White shirts are a must have for your wardrobe. 10KeyThings-Wardrobe-Rules-for-men-White What's my color, man? Wardrobe rules for menThey are classy and evergreen and never go out of fashion. White linen shirt and jeans is an awesome combination. It’s simple yet so elegant. White shirts can also be paired up with bright, colorful ties, with dark trousers or with pastel colored V- neck sweater. They are timeless and classy and must for your wardrobe. Image Source

3. Grey – If you want to experiment with bright colors, then having gray color is the best bet. You can buy a gray colored sweater, shirts or pants and then team up with colorful clothes and be ready to shine.

4. Mix and match complementary colors – If you only wear black, gray and blue then its time to change. It can be so boring and monotonous to wear just three colors. Have colorful clothes in your wardrobe which you can mix and match well. Brighten up your personality and dazzle. It is not so difficult to find the right mix and match. There are colors which complement each other. Like orange and green, blue and orange, etc. have lots of mix and match combinations in your wardrobe. Also keep in mind your skin tone. If you have darker skin tone you can wear really bright colors. If you have brown or pale skin tone, then you should wear pastel shades.

10KeyThings-Mix-and-Match-Wardrobe-rules-for-men What's my color, man? Wardrobe rules for menImage Source

5. Colorful accessories – When it comes to a colorful wardrobe it is not only limited to colorful clothes. Men can choose from the variety of colorful accessories available in the market. You can buy multihued ties, belts, mufflers, etc. Silver chunks are in and goes well for men too. Accessories make a very stylish fashion statement.

6. Colored Trousers – Resist the temptation and don’t wear colored trousers. You may get influenced by seeing your favorite movie star or models wearing them. But not everyone can carry them. They look funny and don’t do any wonders for your style or personality. They will attract unnecessary eyeballs and curious looks. Right pants are the basic foundation of your overall clothing so always avoid colored pants.

10KeyThings-Wardrobe-Rules-for-men-Colored-Trousers What's my color, man? Wardrobe rules for menImage Source

7. Choose from the same Family – Your shirt color should complement the color of the tie. Pick both of them from the same family. For example: If you are wearing a light blue shirt, your tie can be of navy blue color.

Looking good is not only about clothes, but it’s about your personality and confidence too. Wear clothes with confidence and leave your mark.

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