10 reasons why communication is the key to a healthy relationship

Communication is an act of expressing the thoughts to another person. It can be in various forms, written or oral. Communication in any relationship is necessary. Even if we need to talk to a stranger to ask for a query, we have to communicate. So communication is the root of building a relationship.

“We need to talk”

is usually seen as negative and bad. But if thought with a calm mind, we would appreciate the phrase with a view that the person is concerned about something. Let us frame why communication is important in any relationship!

1. Avoid misinterpretation – Face to face talks are an aid to avoiding misinterpretation. Serious matters should not be discussed over text messages and emails or any written format. This is because of the reason that the person to whom the messages are being sent can misinterpret the original meaning of your messages.

2. Show care and love – The communication is the only real way using which a person show how much he care about someone. It is a way of showing your love. When the person you are in relationship with says, “we need to talk”, it means he/she is deep in thoughts and he/she wants your attention. You can give attention to him/her directly by communicating.

3. Eliminate unwanted problems and assumptions – Sometimes people do not express what they have in their minds. This leads to stupid assumptions and creates problems in any relationship, be it a work place, a school or college, or home.

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4. Strengthen the trust levels – When we communicate, we tend to share everything. Communicating with people actually builds up trust, respect and loyalty towards them. There will be lesser chances of mistrust and deceiving.

5. Build understanding – a balanced life – Without communication, no relation can work. We have to say something to someone. Two people having any XYZ relationship will eventually develop an understanding towards each other by communicating. This will help to build a balanced and happy life.

6. SOS – Save Our Souls – If you ever come across ‘we need to talk’ from any of your family, friends, spouse, mistresses, basically anyone you share a relationship with, take heed of your actions towards them. Take note of how you have been communicating with them. Communication will save your relationships with people.

7. Solution to sorrows – When a person is upset or sad, he doesn’t need any chocolate fountain or a good scotch. He needs someone to talk to, a person he can share his sorrows with. Communicating back is just giving the respect back. And, that is what a troubled person needs most.

8. Lead to sparkling conversation – The chemistry is not only about having simultaneous orgasms. Or, knowing your son’s every whim before he thinks of it. A healthy relationship is one which lets us grow individually, as well as in accordance to each other. One needs to understand the individuality of one’s partner. And, there is no better way than a no holds barred, heart to heart talk. Talk about books, music, water on mars, democratic republic of china, the sex life of Cleopatra, talk about anything and everything, and you would never have to have ‘the talk’ again! Unless you have OCD.

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9. Help in getting the idea of “What’s cooking” – Communications are not always about lending an ear. Curiosity is a sin, but what a delectable sin. A person changes over time, and so does the relationship. And, if you are not aware of the change, the relationship will do a Lionel Messi to you. Communication is very necessary to understand and keep up with the other person in relationship. Be curious. Your chum is more important than Pythagoras theorem.

10. Add a sense of humor in life – The only relevant thing, I have found about being a human is that they can make each other laugh. You can laugh at everything, every small joy, each monumental blunder, any great sorrow. Unless, you get offended easily, which I am sure you do. If you can make a person laugh, you can do anything to them, they are your willing victims. What are you waiting for?

Get some sense. It better be of humor. It will ignite the charm in your relationship.  Not all things flow easy on the tongue. Sometimes, you have to make an effort to initiate the conversation. You have to win the trust of a person. But, sometimes you find things, which you will be glad for the rest of your life. A shared secret is a promise of lifetime. Make yourself worthy of it. Not all conversations are words. Actions do speak louder. The desire to be heard through our eyes rules us all. We spend lives searching for people who could read us like that. If you are that person, who could count the twenty ways in which your bae grins, man you do not have to read this article. Forget about it, Go home and have a good life.

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