Who says women don’t have addictions?

Being a woman is not easy. One needs to juggle a lot of things and roles. Here an interesting list of 13 addictions all you beautiful women may not know you have.

1. Sex not only men thing – What we generally hear is that, sexual addiction is only with men. We only hear men hiring prostitutes, men cheating on wives and men going to massage parlors.  Does that mean that women are not addicted to sex?
Interestingly the statistics say 12% of people who opt for sex addiction treatment are women. Now you know what it means, when she says – “I have problems in my relationship”.10KeyThings-Sex-is-not-only-men-thing Who says women don't have addictions?

2. Selfies and groupfies – Wedding selfie, weekend selfie, by the beach selfie, girlgang selfie, whatever it is, first let me take a selfie! Topping the list of addictions women may not know they have is taking selfies. Most interesting is when you take a picture inside the trial room. Posting pictures of everything and anything you eat. If your social networking account is full of food pictures, you are sure an addict.10KeyThings-Selfie-girl Who says women don't have addictions?

3. Makeup and jewelry – Smudge or smudge proof, kajal is the bare necessity for women. A lot of women say that they never step out of the house without applying kohl and that’s why it qualifies for 10 addictions women may not know they have.  “A diamond is a girl’s best friend.” And then people say that women are addicted to jewelry. How can someone resist the beauty and elegance of unending jewelry?
According to a report fetched in 2013, women have an addiction of applying make-up while driving, causing as many as 450,000 car accidents a year. The most popular make-up products applied while driving are lip gloss (35%), mascara (30%), lipstick (25%), bronzer (6%) and eyeliner (4 per cent), in UK alone. Source10KeyThings-Make-up-Jewelry Who says women don't have addictions?

4. Shoes and shopping – Give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. You will never hear a woman say that there are too many shoes. Shopping or online shopping is an addiction and you may be secretly addicted to it. According to a report, on an average a woman spend approx. $25,000 on shoes in her lifetime. Source10KeyThings-Girl-shoes Who says women don't have addictions?

5. Narcissism – Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, tell me who the prettiest of them all. Checking yourself in the mirror repeatedly is yet another addiction. Be it mirror of your room or glass of the car you pass by.10KeyThings-Women-narcissism Who says women don't have addictions?

6. Tom Cruise or Shahrukh Khan – Okay! Admit it ladies that most of us are secretly addicted to the jaw dropping good looks of the actors.10KeyThings-Tom-Cruise-or-Shahrukh-Khan Who says women don't have addictions?

7. Blindly following fashion trends – Reading Cosmo and Femina is a good thing, but blindly following fashion trends is a no-no. However, sometimes we ladies fall prey to this addiction, the fuchsia lipstick, palazzo pants and what not. You are addicted if you prudently wait for the latest edition. Vogue makes an average sale of 360,400 copies a year; while Elle makes 250,056 copies.10KeyThings-Blindly-follow-fashion-trend Who says women don't have addictions?

8. Chocolate and caffeine kick – For most of us the day does not begin until we get the daily dose of caffeine. So are you – the Chai Lover or the Coffee Fanatic? The daily caffeine kick is surely an addiction that women may not know they have. Another addiction is of chocolate. You are addicted to coco and caffeine if you are someone whose refrigerator is always full of chocolate, work desk has chocolate wrappers all over and your carry bag always has one bar to kill the loneliness.10KeyThings-Coffee-Kick Who says women don't have addictions?

9. Gossiping – Read bitching! Though the boys also do it, but girls have this tattered reputation. Meeting an old friend after ages and how we ladies cannot gossip about the latest happenings on Facebook.10KeyThings-Gossiping Who says women don't have addictions?

10. Smoking – Smoking is another dangerous addiction women have. It is again not only men thing. If you are someone who urge for a cigarette every hour, you are surely addicted to it.10KeyThings-Girl-Smoking Who says women don't have addictions?

11. Cleanliness – For many of you cleanliness is at peak priority. You go overboard to clean even a pin. For you everything must be organized perfectly, everything dusted; from bed sheets to carpet everything must be scented.10KeyThing-Cleanliness Who says women don't have addictions?

12. Late night reading – Though this may be an addiction to men too, however we are talking about those 500 pages romantic novels. You are addicted if you greedily look for that 1 minute to read the next 2 lines. You don’t sleep not reading a part of it.10KeyThings-Late-night-reading Who says women don't have addictions?

13. Anything on TV but sports – Some of you may be addicted to watching television. For many of you anything and everything on television, you would want to watch. All series of – ‘How I met your mother’ to ‘Shark tank’. According to a report fetched by Australian Bureau of Statistics an average women spends 13 hours a week, watching television. Source10KeyThings-Women-not-like-sports Who says women don't have addictions?

Did we miss on anything? Please share.

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