10 Best Korean Restaurants Melbourne CBD

10 Best Korean Restaurants Melbourne CBD

Asian cuisines have evolved to be largely accepted and enjoyed by people around the globe. Our research team of foodies at 10KeyThings brings to you our guide of 10 of the best places to taste amazing Korean food in the Central Business District area. Korean cuisine is largely based on rice, vegetables, and meats. Not only the people converging on to Melbourne from across the globe but also the locals from Melbourne love to go to the new found love: Korean food. This food listing is not static and we keep updating it based on your comments, reviews, and suggestions. So don’t forget to leave us a comment after visiting the places here!

1. Thai Viet Bibigo

Cuisine: Japanese, Korean
One of the most famous places which serve Korean food, Thai Viet Bibigo is a place which is an affordable option for work lunch. It has typical sushi rolls (raw salmon with or without mayonnaise) , spicy raw salmon, etc. They start from $2.5 each. The rolls are a little …read more about Thai Viet Bibigo Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

2. Melbourne Hwaro Korean BBQ Restaurant

Cuisine: Korean, BBQ
You would have heard of this place from a lot of people in and around Melbourne. It is a place where you can cook stuff on your own. Prices on the menu seem decent. Once the food arrives (it’s raw anyways) just marinate it. But the portions are small! Hwaro is suitable for a KBBQ date …read more about Melbourne Hwaro Korean BBQ Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

3. CJ Lunch Bar

Cuisine: Japanese, Korean
The moment you walk in, you come to know you made the right decision and of course looking at the other tables you will realize that you need to order the cheese chicken bulgogi, as almost every other table would have at least one of these ordered already and trust us, it will not disappoint ! The dishes, …read more about CJ Lunch Bar Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

4. changGO

Cuisine: Korean, BBQ
The specialty of this place is the 8 flavored pork belly set. It comes with the pork belly, of course, a salad, vegetables, 2 portions of rice, a spicy seafood soup and kimchi side dish that you can ask for refills. This is the go-to place, …read more about changGO Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

5. Suda

Cuisine: Korean, Tapas
It is an Asian tapas bar with a pocket-friendly and creative fusion nine-course Korean menu. K-school lunch tray is a specialty. Food comes out quick and consists of multigrain rice, salad, spicy chicken and some side dishes. The food is delicious and priced reasonably, but the portions …read more about Suda Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

6. Oriental spoon

Cuisine: Korean
Oriental spoon is a chain of Korean restaurants and is famous in Melbourne. The soups and bulgogi are solid, and their banchan are good. Portion sizes are reasonable; 5 large chunks of beef ribs in my Galbi Tang!

The Beef Stone Bowl Bibimbap is $12 completely …read more about Oriental spoon Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

7. Darac Grill & Bar

Cuisine: Korean, Asian, Japanese
The Pork Shabushabu Sausage Stew is one of the most famous presentations at Darac. Compared to a lot of other Korean places, Darac has been listed by an array of websites and food critics as the most consistent and satisfying Korean experience in CBD. The staff is …read more about Darac Grill & Bar Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

8. Mapo Grill

Cuisine: Korean, BBQ
An Amazing KBBQ place in the CBD with quality meats, great service, and polished décor, Mapo Grill is a perfect stop for food and more. Mapo grill is our go to place for decent BBQ Korean without breaking the bank. The best value and best set menu for 2 …read more about Mapo Grill Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

9. Anju Restaurant & Bar

Cuisine: Korean, Tapas
Anju is Korean for Tapas – Food served with drinks and shared with friends and what better place to do that than here. If you are lucky then you could get a seat at the bar …read more about Anju Restaurant & Bar Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

10. Marroo Korean Charcoal BBQ & Bar

Cuisine:Korean, Asian, BBQ
Marroo is well priced especially for all you can eat bbq. meat, entrees, and side dishes are all very nice and we at 10KT recommend people give it a chance and see what they think. This traditional KBBQ place is known for the fried chicken hot pot (clay pot) with sweet chili sauce. For an $11-$13 lunch, this might be the best deal in the CBD!!! The service …read more about Marroo Korean Charcoal BBQ & Bar Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

We at 10KT hope that your taste buds have found the correct places to find the perfect Korean food. If so then do go out and try some of these places we have mentioned in this listing. As always, we are happy to hear your comments and reviews of the places you visit. We will keep our list fresh and updated based on your recommendations. The upshot is that you after you’ve exhausted this list, you can come back and find a new list of 10 key budget places waiting, all ready for your tasting pleasure. Happy eating!

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