10 Best Indian Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

The Central Business District in the City is home to business, financial firms and basically a lot of commercial stuff which drives the world economy. Now people who work here need to be well fed once they’re done with the hard labour of running the world! Now, office goers in CBD know that the area is chock full of eateries with a food joint in every nook and cranny. Fear not, for our team at 10KeyThings is bringing you our top 10 picks of spice, tadka and chilli. The best thing about this list it that it’s not fixed and we will keep updating it based on your suggestions. So review all these restaurants and leave us comments about ones you think should make it here!

10 Best Indian Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Victoria

1. Chilli India

Cuisines: South Indian, North Indian
Have hankering for the Indian basics? Chilli India is definitely the place to satisfy your cravings. This place is set up like a fast moving takeaway shop with basic seating and decor. All of which you will promptly forget once you take a look at the throwaway prices. The food is extremely…read further for recommended dishes…

2. Om Vegetarian

Cuisine: North Indian, Punjabi
Indian food is probably unique in its pursuit of vegetarian greatness. If you feel like going light on meat for a meal, we definitely recommend trying this affordable all-veg Indian eatery on Collins. Oh, and did we mention unlimited refills of their thali? You have to try the 6.5$ thali with …read further for recommended dishes…

3. Tadka Boom!

Cuisine: North Indian
Located within walking distance of many major offices, Tadka Boom! is a very heavily frequented lunch destination. No wonder too because of their affordably priced great Indian options. We highly recommend the roti wrap option for all their chicken options. The flavour is just best …read further for recommended dishes…

4. Desi Dhaba

Cuisine: North Indian, Punjabi
If you want food that is Punjabi to the core, Desi Dhaba is the place for you. This funky eatery with a beautiful interior decor brings us all the classics that Punjabi’s love to share with the world – Chhole, Tikka, Tandoor items, they have the lot. If you’re hitting this place up after…read further for recommended dishes…  

5. Delhi Streets

Cuisine: North Indian, Street food, South Indian
A particular theme in our list is the affordability of the various options. But Delhi Streets takes the cake, being among the best low cost options for food in the CBD. The fact that it happens to serve Indian street style food is just a icing that we love. If you’re looking for a place that’s…read further for recommended dishes…

6. Curry Vault Indian Restaurant and Bar

Cuisine: North Indian, South Indian
Most Indian joints in the CBD area can be a bit of a fast food experience, with very basic seating. If you’re in the mood to relax and really savour all the magical flavours that Indian food promises, Curry Vault is the place to do it in. They even have a bar! Their menu lives up to the name, with several …read further for recommended dishes…

7. Biryani House

Cuisine: Indian, Hyderabadi, Biryani
Biryani House brings a unique Indian food style to the table, the food that the Indian city of Hyderabad is most famous for. The menu here is completely fashioned around the all time Hyderabad greats, starting with the Biryani. To start off, go for the tawa ghosht, spiced pieces of mutton cooked on a …read further for recommended dishes…

8. Madras Banyan Tree

Cuisine: South Indian, Tamilian
This is a pure South Indian food experience on King street in the CBD area. While most Indian restaurants in the area serve some south indian staples, this is the proverbial mother ship which provides an authentic southern food experience. Enjoy the savory crepes selection that…read further for recommended dishes…

9. Gurkhas Express

Cuisine: Nepalese, Indian
While not strictly Indian, Nepalese food is widely available on the subcontinent, so we thought we would let this one slide. What’s more, the great food they serve here really swayed our taste buds in this direction! The menu has a number of options to explore. A recommended starter is the …read further for recommended dishes…

10. Overdosa

Cuisine: South Indian, Bombay flavours
Even though we have a number of south indian options in this list, this food truck deserved a special mention for its quirky name and brilliantly simple, yet delicious food preparations. The stall is colourfully decorated and quite attractive, making you want to try out their…read further for recommended dishes…

The reason why we like Indian food is the absolute explosion of flavour in every morsel you eat. The spice, unique flavour combinations, breads and the wide cuisine variety are just all plus points for this cuisine. The best part of it all is the extreme affordability of the options availability. Indian food is wholesome, great in quality and taste, and very happy for the thickness of your wallet. So go ahead, check out the 10KeyThings Best Indian Restaurants in Melbourne CBD area and tell us what you thought of our selection in comments! Better yet, suggest places for us to review and add here, we would absolutely love that!

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  1. I have tried Delhi streets food and it was quite good, you get two curries in a thali per se, the quantity is just about enough, there are gluten free options for those who are gluten intolerant.

    I love butter chicken personally and Delhi streets butter chicken had a typical Indian taste and was perfect.


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