10 Best Italian Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

The Italians have one of the richest cultures in the world and when it comes to food, there is nothing that can beat the good ol’ Italian chef. Be it the most ubiquitous pasta and pizza or the lesser known but equally tongue smacking scaloppine di Vitello, Italian food is always a foodie’s delight. Below we present to you the best Italian restaurants for you to try in the business heart of Melbourne a.k.a the Central Business District. So, if you are an Italian entrepreneur feeling homesick or trying to determine your next favorite ever cuisine, head over to one of these spots and have your hunger placated in the best way possible. The list is in no particular order and any additional comments, suggestions are always welcome.

10 Best Italian Restaurants in Melbourne, CBD

1. 11 Inch Pizza

Cuisine: Italian, Pizza
Some even hail it as the best pizza providing place in the whole of Melbourne. Add to it the fact that the cost of the pizzas are much lower than others on the CBD and you know you’ll want to come here again. The bases are just right with the toppings fresh and tasty…read more about 11 Inch Pizza Italian Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

2. Migo’s

Cuisine: Italian, Cafe
A warm, cozy café situated in Flinders Lane, customers simply can’t get enough of this place. ‘The best pasta in Melbourne’ they call it. And if it’s not pasta you want (happens sometimes) you can go there for breakfast and simply dine on bacon, eggs, and semolina porridge with rhubarb jam, nuts and honey.…read more about Migo’s Italian Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

3. Pellegrini’s

Cuisine: Italian
Just north of Grossi Florentino and not far from Gingerboy on the corner of Bourke Street and Crossley Street, Pellegrini’s has a devoted clientele that absolutely loves the various Italian dishes on offer. The café is owned by an Italian family (you can guess the authenticity of the dishes now) and has a pure vintage feel…read more about Pellegrini’s Italian Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

4. The Soup Place

Cuisine: Italian, Fast Food
One needs something to sip also, right? After your share of pizzas and pasta, it’s time now to taste some Italian soup and get a different side of the Italian flavor. In CBD, Melbourne, you’ll definitely want to visit The Soup Place once. There is a great variety of soups to befuddle you but…read more about The Soup Palace Italian Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

5. Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana

Cuisine: Italian
Patrons retract their steps to Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana any chance they get. And why won’t they? The delicious food, the excellent staff, and the promise of a great dining experience will make you want to be a regular, too once you set foot in for the first time…read more about Maccaroni Trattoria Italian Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

6. Ca de Vin

Cuisine: Italian, European
If Italian is just one of the many cuisines you want to try with others being Greek and Mediterranean, then Ca de Vin is the place for you. Located in an alleyway off Bourke St (Postal Lane), it offers amazing pizzas along with a rich beer selection. The surroundings are…read more about Ca de Vin Italian Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

7. Yak Italian Kitchen and Bar

Cuisine: Italian
Patrons come back here. Again and again and again. Offering a wide range of Italian dishes in a pleasing atmosphere, Yak Italian Kitchen and Bar promises to satisfy your appetite for all things Italian with not a complaint on your lips. The place has a good vibe with the…read more about Yak Italian Kitchen Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

8. Caterina’s Cucina E Bar

Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean
Situated below street level, Caterina’s Cucina E Bar serves great Italian food with a sophisticated ambience that doesn’t fail to impress. And when the food arrives on the table, you can’t help but be impressed even more. Italians rate Catrina’s as a 5 star experience…read more about Caterina’s Cicina Italian Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

9. Tipo 00

Cuisine: Italian
Patrons would agree that this place is just like being transported to a restaurant right in the heart of Italy. That is why it is forever teeming with customers and hence, you might want to book your place in time when you wish to eat here. Patrons swear by the…read more about Tipo 00 Italian Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

10. Sempre Pizza and Calzone

Cuisine: Italian, Pizza
If you haven’t had enough pizzas yet, consider dropping by Sempre Pizza and Calzone especially on a summer night. With the option to sit under the sky available, the enjoyment of having a pizza will be increased a ten-fold. People usually like to sit outside while…read more about Sampre Pizza Italian Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

The Italian cuisine is sure to continue delighting you, and we’d love to hear what you think the top 10 are in your own opinion. This is important! Your recommendations will help us keep our list of Best Italian Restaurants in Melbourne CBD updated! And the best part? You can keep coming back to find the updated lists, with lots of great new Italian joints to try out! Happy eating!

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