10 Tips for Buying a Perfect Coffee Maker

    Australia is among the countries that get the most sunlight. So, you can only imagine Aussies sitting on café patios, enjoying their coffee al fresco, while getting suntanned; and envy them. However, if you live in Australia, you know that having that cup of coffee on your own backyard patio is even a bigger pleasure. This is why we want to help you get a perfect coffee maker for your home.

    10 Tips for Buying a Perfect Coffee Maker

    1. Traditional macchinetta

    Also known as the moka pot, this old-school coffee maker is more of a tool and less of a machine. It consists of three parts: the lower chamber, the funnel with ground coffee and the upper chamber. As you heat the pot on the hotplate, the water from the lower pot evaporates into the upper one, “picking up” the coffee aroma in the funnel, and condenses in the upper chamber into a fresh, invigorating brew.

    2. Dripping coffee

    As sort of reverse moka pot, drip coffee makers work in a different way. First, you heat the water in a small tank and then it pours down, over ground coffee and through a filter, into a mug. These machines are affordable for every household. What is more, their maintenance is simple and easy.

    3. Built-in grinder

    There’s something special about on-the-spot grinding. If you want to start your day with a freshly ground dose of caffeine, the best thing would be to buy one of those coffee makers that come with built-in grinders. Modern bean-to-cup machines are made in accordance with the strict consumers’ requirements and they can make your coffee the best one you’ve ever tried.

    The Independent has recently made a list of the best coffee makers equipped with grinders. So, if you are interested in this type of machines, you should definitely take a look at the post.

    4. Basic percolator

    If you like your coffee hot and strong, a percolator is the best option for your taste. This machine heats and filters your brew through the coffee grounds, extracting coffee with stout flavors and adorable aromas. Also, it comes as an electric device or a simple maker for the hotplate.

    5. Electric efficiency

    Since every manufacturer is trying to reduce the Perfect-Coffee-Maker-300x200 10 Tips for Buying a Perfect Coffee Makerlevel of electric energy their devices use, efficiency is also an important detail when it comes to choosing a coffee maker. From an espresso maker for your café or an office Nespresso coffee machine, every buyer should take those efficiency features into consideration. This overview of different types of machines and their efficiency, prepared by Energy Star, will come in pretty handy for every new buyer.


    6. The size of the maker

    Many individuals make the same mistake when it comes to the size of the maker – they go for the one that turns out to be too small. While efficiency is definitely something you should pay attention to, smaller makers have to work longer if you have visitors or any other social occasion that requires making a larger amount of coffee. This is why it is wiser to get a bigger maker.

    7. Grind size

    Each of the coffee makers mentioned here has some unique requirements in terms of the grind size. For instance, ordinary Turkish coffee prepared on the stovetop demands finely ground, powder-like structure. On the other hand, making coffee in a Moka pot has to be done with a medium-ground mass. Ground size matters, so learn more about your coffee maker and get the coffee it needs.

    8. Smart makers

    In the age where everything in our homes is turning smart, the most natural thing you expect from coffee makers is to also have some smart options. Today, you can automate the coffee-making process, so that coffee is made at the same time every day. Moreover, switching on the maker remotely is another option. By integrating smart coffee makers into your modern kitchen, you will taste all the benefits of the smart coffee technology.

    9. Water filters

    Experienced manufacturers of coffee makers are aware of the fact that the water we get from the public water supply systems can contain some harmful elements. This is the reason why a large number of cutting-edge makers also have built-in water filters. They will remove those unwanted substances from your coffee, leaving only the pure taste of caffeine and coffee aromas.  

    10. The looks

    Since we Tips-Buying-Perfect-Coffee-Maker-300x200 10 Tips for Buying a Perfect Coffee Makercan choose our perfect coffee maker by different categories, why not get a sleek, modern maker? Unlike traditional white, plastic makers and grinders, today you can choose from a variety of stainless-steel devices that add a special visual appeal to every kitchen.

    Your morning routine is not complete without a proper coffee maker. Take your time and analyze all the aspects of every device you come across. Such a committed search will provide you with a modern, fast and efficient coffee maker that meets all your needs.


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