10 ways to teach those Perverts a lesson

You know you want to walk in those classy heels and you know you want to sway your hair to your own beat and flaunt your athletic image. But are you scared of all those men and their perverted looks that follow you? Are you not carrying yourself with elegance and grace because you think, others eyes’ are always behind and for you?
Well, no worries! We have

10 ways for you to handle those perverts,

who are not letting you, be you!

1. Ignorance is bliss – As we all know that we cannot control everyone’s minds, it’s best to ignore such people. Obviously they have nothing to do with who you are as a person. It is wise and logical to not let such people affect you and your work. By getting scared and thinking about them, you are only feeding their ego and giving energy to their thoughts! Now, would you want that? Hmm? Possibly, the game would just get plain boring for them to play, as they’ll be the only player in it.

2. No? No. Capisce! (Got it!!!) – So here it goes! If ignoring doesn’t help then you need to tell them to stop. Stand up for your own self, be confident and deny their looks, actions and words.  After all, you don’t want to end up on a date with a pervert just because you’re too good and polite to say no. Save your kindness for people who deserve it.10KeyThings-Pervert 10 ways to teach those Perverts a lesson

3. Music is my escape! You are not interested in feeding his ego right? Neither are you interested in his perverted remarks about your skirt or shirt! Then why bother listening to them? Who do you prefer to listen? Well choice is yours! Once they see that you’re not listening to them then they’ll leave. Only if they are smart enough to see that they are not wanted.

4. Are you stupid or are you stupid? Be honest! No! I’m not kidding. Honestly, just be honest with them and tell them how freaking, irritating, and annoying their behaviour is. Well you know, if you’re working with them or friends with them and try approaching them in a casual way, they’ll get the hint automatically. And if not then you definitely have to doubt the I.Q. of their pea sized brain.

5. Remain calm – You know, Body Language speaks. Hence, if you show that you’re scared or intimidated then it’s only going to give the Pervert more reasons to keep up with that behaviour. Do not fuel their ego, as they are merely just attention seeking people desperate for your reactions towards them. *Adjusts glasses* Clear?10KeyThings-Pervert-4 10 ways to teach those Perverts a lesson

6. Give them an ego burn – As you get deeper into the situation you’ll realize that these perverts are quite predictable and they only want certain things from you.  So if you direct their actions towards themselves and act strong with it then that will give them an ego burn! Also, don’t forget to ask them if they need Aloe Vera to calm their burns.

7. Report! If you can’t get the idiot off your back then you have to report them to either police officials or higher authority in your school/college/office. Do not be a lowlife coward and sit back crying. Ask someone to help you and bring in light the perversion of that pervert. You know in that way you are not only helping yourself but others too.

8. Do NOT be alone! Shield yourself! Perverts like bullies and other geniuses are more likely to harm you if you do not have any company. They do not see a single person as a threat and hence they will attack you if you are not protected. So stick to people who you know will help you.

9. Punch them in the face and walk away like nothing happened – Yes, violence is wrong. But none of the above tricks work then you have to show them your power and beat the heck out of them for violating your personal space. It is not a bad idea to learn some self-defence techniques. Also, at this point, you shouldn’t care who that person is, since the person means pure threat and nothing else.
Moreover, this is a form of self defence. Owning a few things like pepper sprays, stun guns, panic alarms, survival knife, or pen knife etc would do the work of scaring them away too.

10. Block them! There are online stalkers too. Just like in real life, these people online would keep bugging you by tweeting or posting sexual comments on your pictures or on social media walls. They just can’t seem to understand the line. So what to do? Block them because you honestly, really, for sure don’t want them in your life.10KeyThings-Pervert-3 10 ways to teach those Perverts a lesson

Now no fear, my dear! As you, now, have an entire list that will help you to deal with Perverts; you can flaunt yourself with your eyes piercing in the crowd and head held up high.

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