Racism ends now – 10 Ideas on how

Racism consists of several different and often related ideologies centered on the concept of race. Modern variants are often based on social perceptions of biological differences between people. These can take the form of social actions, practices or beliefs, or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. It may also hold that members of different races should be treated differently.
Now that was something that explained what racism is. And that was a nice way to begin an entry because it’s literally like “Let’s force people to read what Wikipedia has to say, because they probably won’t do it the other way.”
Anyway, here are

10 ways that we can do in order to suppress racism

1. Know yourself and your thoughts! You probably must have heard about those things when you should listen to your inner voice and subconscious mind. And you know what? That’s true. Observe how you are reacting to certain stereotypical situations and understand why you are thinking a certain way.

Sure, judgment is definitely a key to personal growth, but judging someone on the color of their skin or even sexual preferences for that matter is plain stupid and illogical. Someone’s skin color has nothing to do with how that person would be as a friend, co-worker, neighbor, etc.

2. Educate yourself even if you hate your school lectures – Racism in its simplest terms means that discrimination takes place based on someone’s race. Now you have to understand that someone’s race cannot define how he or she is as a person or how efficient he or she is at his or her work. Your lowlife brain and mind are creating boundaries and territories.

Honestly, try looking at the world from an outer space perspective and you’ll see that the Earth has no boundaries and territories. People were made differently because of the geographical conditions that they live/lived in. It is purely scientific and logical.

3. Take a tiny step yourself! You probably must have heard the phrase – “Change begins from within”. And that is true! Change your perspective and you change how you look at others and the world. Then things automatically begin to change. Once you behave properly and in a logical way, then other people around you begin to see that change. At first, they’ll doubt, and chances are they’ll shrug it off later.

However, if you do it the right way, then they will probably follow you because you are practicing and not just preaching.10KeyThings-Racial-Segregation-1-1024x730 Racism ends now - 10 Ideas on how

4. Spread awareness – Once you understand that racism is not cool then you’ll also understand that it’s wrong in many ways.  So what is the next step after you know it’s wrong and you shouldn’t do it? Unless you’re a mentally challenged person you’ve probably got the hint to make people aware about it. And how to do it! Well you’ll know that better according to the given situation.
Try to stop other people if they’re harassing or bullying someone thinking they’re inferior to them! Make people aware about the reason behind their skin color and their culture. So many of these things are totally scientific!

5. Acceptance is the key to happiness! Unless you’re a magician with a unicorn and powers to create a rainbow or a scientist willing to spend the entire life in a laboratory doing research on people’s appearance then you can’t do anything.  You simply have to accept them.
And it’s only if you accept them that you can understand the true nature of an individual.

6. Celebrating differences – Please understand that not everyone is the same. And everyone is not like you. In various aspects people are different and yet the same. However paradoxical it sounds, it is true. Once you have accepted them, it is easy for you to communicate with them. Moreover, once you realize how easy and simple it is to work with them you will start appreciating their work and accomplishments. The whole process will turn upside down. You started with negative behavior, but now you took a turn and started looking at the brighter and good side of those people.
It is not simple if you have a pea-sized brain and elephant sized ego, but hey, everything in this world is discipline and it takes time to practice.

7. More awareness! Therefore, you think that if you see someone harassing or bullying using race as a medium, then only it is logical to speak up and take action. No! It is not the case! That is the problem with most people. Most people only start to work on something once the problem is standing in front of them. That’s what called reaction! You are simply reacting to the action of someone’s harassment or bullying.
Take a stand before someone else tries to create hell. Write blogs, make posters, post illustrations regarding the topic. Make people aware on the Internet and share your thoughts and opinions about it with the people you live, work, etc.

8. Legal action? How about you not only sit in front of your desktop and preach, but also practice some of it? It is really easy and necessary to pass some suggestions to the government if you’re above 18 and you know the correct procedure. You see, most of the governments have this thingy where people can voice their opinions or else there’s no use of people living in that country!
So, how about you send that suggestion thingy and make others do it too to include subjects in schools so that they can teach students about it and teach them not to discriminate against other people? Eh, sounds logical right?

9. Help-lines, hotlines – So, all the above steps understood, practiced and taken care of! Still you find some people continue with their bullying and racial harassment. The victims in such prolonged cases tend to go into depression and such other psychological disorders and more often than once try to end their lives.
So if you know such person or even if you don’t know such person—then also—research for help-lines and councilors that can help those people. In most countries, there are people who are willing to help such people. Share the hotline numbers on your blogs, social media websites or print out the information and stick on the wall of your workplace. You know, it is not that difficult!

10. Behind the bars? No. In the police station. We all have met those kinds of people who do NOT understand one thing, even though you probably have explained the thing to them a million times in thousand different ways. So what to do? These stubborn heads are probably simply plain stupid to get the point across their heads. You ignore such people if they are only talking and trying to lower the IQ of the street but you take action if they’re harming other fellow citizens. I’m sure in the 21st Century in almost every country, there’s a law against racial discrimination in the constitution, which when violated results in serious punishment. So how about you get some knowledge of your constitution and laws and bring them into practice?

In the end, I would like to conclude this article by saying that racism and racial discrimination is a choice. In the simplest and the most basic language, there’s only right and wrong, logical and illogical. Nothing beyond that! So if you don’t want Karma to come behind you and for the love of sanity, don’t do it! You can either choose to harass someone and let yourself down with such ridiculous behavior or accept him or her as he/she is and let society to grow for the better.

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