10 ways to keep your employees productive

You know you have a work team that deserves appreciation and motivation and gratitude. You know they’re worth every red cent you spend on your company. And you want to tell them about their worth. How to do it? And are there ways to do it without increasing their pay? Let’s find out.

1. Express gratitude – You know that without your employees you and your company are nothing. And you have to be thankful for their efforts, because if it wasn’t them, then you probably couldn’t have made it. So the best and the simplest way to show your employees that you appreciate them, is by sincerely thanking them. It can be done on any occasion and by various means. You can express gratitude verbally or by giving thank you notes or making a video.

2. Appreciate their work – When an employee is working hard and showing dedication then that employee deserves to be appreciated. Simply tell them that whatever they are doing is good and encourage them so that they can continue doing that.

3. Flexible work hours – We usually have a schedule in every company and office where people are assigned work hours. Changing the time for an individual according to him and for him once a while or giving him lesser work hours can be a sign of appreciating their hard work and healthy for them too.

4. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – You should probably know that no one likes to work all the time without rest. So, when you know that your workers are putting all their efforts in their job and are being dedicated to their work with utmost loyalty, then they definitely deserve some rest and conditions so that they don’t stress. Employees would probably love it if they have been given some rest at work. And not that rest that makes them go home and sleep. But the “healthy” fun at their office that will make them be more productive. Like games, quizzes, contests at their work place.

5. Workshops – It is really helpful if you conduct workshops for your employees. They need to learn more about their work and need to educate more and update themselves! And if you know that they’re worth it and truly dedicated then it’s the best to conduct workshops for them regarding their subjects and interests so that they get to learn more. It could be seminars, lectures, anything.

6. Wishes on special days – You know it is your employee’s birthday! Then what do you do? You wish them and give your blessings. It makes them feel good and appreciated. If you present gifts and flowers on their birthday’s or anniversary’s or even wish them if their child’s got a good grade then it makes them feel that they’re important for the company.

7. Out of the box (Job Rotation) – In most of the companies, employees are appointed and given work on the basis of their field of education and specialties. But it doesn’t harm if they have some extra knowledge or information which is not related to their field. For example, it’s good, fun and healthy if an employee from marketing department tries to help someone or take interest in the Human Resources department. From time to time, they should be asked for help and opinions for other departments from a public point of view.

8. Feedback – Whenever employees are asked for advices, suggestions, and their opinions on crucial matters, they think that their perspective matters and is important. In such situations, they tend to use their brains more and work harder to set things straight. It actually makes them think they’re important and valuable.

9. Celebrate their work – When employees work hard and go beyond the normal or break the barriers and achieve something great, it should not be complemented with mere “Thanks”. In fact, they should be rewarded in terms of awards such as “Employee of the Month” or put their name and picture on the “Wall of Fame”. It not only motivates them but also others to perform better.

Also, in projects with long time frames, the celebration should not wait all the way until end. In fact, there can be smaller celebrations, like a team lunch or Friday arvo drinks, on the way for significant milestones.

10. Personal projects – We all know the traditional method of work. The boss gives the ideas and methods and the workers have to abide by them and work them out. How about a little change? You allow your workers to undertake their own “mini” project. Their ideas and their methods! Of course, your approval is needed. But for once, they’d like to be in charge. For once, they’ll feel worthy enough to lead a program which would be productive and profitable.

These are 10 simple and easy methods to tell your workers how important they are and they are definitely needed and wanted in the work place for best outcome, productivity, and profit.


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