How to Motivate your Younger Siblings to excel in life

“She was my doll !! How could you break her hand??”
Ring a bell, girls? We all used to be so nagging about our dolls and their dresses and their makeup and their homes and their what-not! Just because it was your doll, you never let your younger siblings to touch it.
And what are you smiling at, guys? Didn’t you use to smack your little sisters when they used to break your motor cars?

Yet, when we grow up, it’s like this miraculous change or some divine light that bestows upon us some senses, and we start to act maturely. We begin to differentiate between good and bad, and silly and serious. We begin to realize how trifle crying over a ragged doll or a broken bike was. We gradually give up being selfish and as time passes by, we become more and more sincere and concerned about our younger siblings.

We become protective; we want them to outshine the world; we want them to be the best; we feel proud when boasting about them. So, instead of being the preacher over here and giving you 10 ways and tips to become a motivation for them, let me tell you 10 different stories, each with a different moral so that you know the real essence of my words.

1. Leave footprints in the sand – Janice was a lover of Mathematics and that is why she completed her syllabus four to five times in a row. She even earned a perfect score on the exams. Her little sister Alicia was very impressed by her. When she finally ascended to that class and took a sneak into the notes was when she finally got the secret behind her sister’s success. All the sums were done so perfectly, stating the reasons that Alicia did not need to go to a tuition to learn those concepts. She mastered at Maths by just following the footprints of her elder sister.

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2. Tell them they are good at things and encourage them to do soCaution: This does not apply wherein you fake things and tell lies. Let them know things in which they are genuinely good at. For example, Bob said to his little brother how good he was at painting. He encouraged him to paint more and more. He used to give him themes and characters and Benny would paint them for him. Bob made sure that such a talent does not go waste and result? Benny is on his way to fame.

3. Let your actions speak – Mandy was one of those students who used to be good at everything. She was the prefect and the topper of the class. A favorite of her teachers and a star among her friends. Though she loved her younger brother deeply, yet she couldn’t figure out as to how to help him to be the same. Jack was no doubt intelligent, but he had this bad habit of procrastinating things and that is why he could never meet up the deadlines.
When he got to a decent age, where he could realize things, he began to fathom the reason behind his sister’s multi-tasking ability. When he saw her being punctual and completing things on time, maintaining a schedule, he chose to follow her and be like her, at least in some ways.

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4. Give them freedom – Not to date obviously! Or you can do that too, depending on who the guy or girl it is.
Anyway, that is not my point. What I mean by freedom is – the freedom to make choices; the freedom to hang out with friends; the freedom to be who they are. Until and unless you prove to someone that you understand their point of view, they are not going to confide in you, least get motivated. So give them the confidence that you are on the same page, and then it is just a piece of cake.

5. Show them the luxuries of working hard & smart – This is perhaps the most tried and tested method of all. My brother works at a reputed company where the people are so good that they bear the expenses of their employees’ parties. Once, he was at such a party, and he called me amidst all the noise. He said just one sentence, ‘Do you hear that sound in the background? This is what I want for you.’
These gestures motivate a younger sibling more than anything. So, just show them the positive aspects of working hard, not from books, but in real life, and they are going to make you their role model.

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6. And again, that also means showing them that you care  – In the previous anecdote, if the brother wanted, he could have enjoyed the party, but he took the pain of calling his sibling. He unintentionally showed how much he cared about him. And from a younger sibling’s point of view, that is better than a super expensive gift.

7. Be yourself with them – Not if being yourself is smoking and drinking and swearing! Carol had to get admitted to a college but due to certain unavoidable issues, the authorities canceled her admission despite having superb marks. She really wanted to get in that course but did not know how to get it done. Enter her elder sister – Ella. She – using her exceptional communication skills and not giving a damn about what anybody thought about her – talked to the authorities and solved the problem.10KeyThings-Motivate-Younger-Siblings-Make-them-feel-that-they-can How to Motivate your Younger Siblings to excel in life
Carol saw her sister in action. She actually witnessed her talking to the people and getting things done, without using any wrong means. With a live example in front of her, Carol had no other option but to get inspired by her sister. In fact, she even acknowledged later on, that she actually was motivated by the way Ella took the things and handled them. Image Source

8. Make them feel that they can – One of the very powerful tactics is to give them the confidence that they can do anything if they have the desire and drive to do it. Peter always wanted to become one of the famous guys. Not the stud types. But more like the studious ones. However, he had this inferiority complex that maybe he wasn’t good enough. This was the time when his elder sister had come home during the semester break. When she learned of her beloved brother’s situation, she boosted confidence into him. She talked to him, made him realize that he too could achieve whatever he wants to. It was easier since Peter had the desire of improving. All he needed was a push with a sprinkle of motivation.

9. Fear sometimes works – Julia had a bad habit of procrastinating things. No, it’s not that she wasn’t talented; just a little too moody for herself. If she felt like doing something, she would do it, else she wouldn’t. This obviously couldn’t get her too far, and before there was no way out, her brother had to intervene. He showed her the big picture where she was portrayed as a loser if she did not mend her ways. Soon, Julia began to change and now she mastered her moods. Thus, her brother motivated her by means of fear to get on the right track.

10. Stand up for them – This is perhaps what every younger sibling wants from their elder ones. They need that feeling, that surety, that no matter what, they have the back of their elder sisters and brothers. And this is what will keep up their spirit always. They will never be afraid of trying new things out and giving wings to their dreams.

So, dear all elder brothers and sisters, you have got more than enough points to be their role model. Since all the stories are somewhat real, believe me, they are going to work. Because in the end, it is your love, care and support that is going to mold them into stronger and better beings of tomorrow.

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